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Happy Mother’s Day!

My sister learned to knit from our mom, and I learned to knit from my sister (although I think there was that time that I tried to learn to knit for a Girl Guide badge when I was 9, which didn’t really take, I think mom must have taught me then), so I would expect […]


I went with my sister M and my friend R (visiting from NYC), to Lettuce Knit last night, where the No Sheep For You launch party took place. M had never been with me to LK before but was interested in the book, and R had been to LK on past Toronto visits and was […]

Working through the guilt

I’ve never not had a stash. The first two projects I ever knitted, a baby blanket for a friend and a fluffy novelty scarf for me, were knitted with yarn I found on sale at Lewiscraft. (This was when Lewiscraft was a) still in business and b) the place I thought you went to buy […]

The ‘Brennan Cardigan’

[Edited note, Dec 2013 – I’m no longer able to make this pattern available. Many thanks to those who have knitted and shown interest in it! I’ll be sure to keep bringing ┬ámy attention to new designs in the future :) ] So, a couple of posts ago I mentioned how my sister had just […]

But it was only hard the first time

(Warning! A post chock full of photos and rambling.) As I’ve been working away on the Endpaper Mitts over the past few days – using them alternately as bait (to do work) or procrastination fodder (just a few more rows and then I’ll work), my train of thought was enjoying itself. “I love fair isle,” […]

Final Stages

(From the Card Catalog Generator) (I had to answer these questions a lot this past weekend – well, mostly the first two. I’m kind of wondering how I didn’t dissolve into anxious tears after about the 10th time.) So anyhow, today I think I’ll try to do enough of something that I don’t feel guilty […]


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