Past Finished Objects

First up (at right) is the Twist Cardi (pattern by ChicKnits) that I finished this past February. I had about a ton of Light Grey Heather Peruvian Highland Wool (leftover from an over-purchase of contrast colour from a series of knitted Ravenclaw scarves), and decided to give this pattern a go as it was also my first try at cables.

This pattern, I am thrilled to say, knitted up with few problems and I finished the thing in a little over a month. It’s a comfortable and stylish addition to my wardrobe. One of the lovliest compliments was when I walked into campus with it and people couldn’t believe I had hand-knit it, so that must be a sure sign that this pattern has some modern flair.

Next up (at left) is the fair isle sweater I knitted and finished up in March. The pattern and yarn are both from Philosopher’s Wool, a lovely place in Ontario just near the Bruce Peninsula.

The pattern is ‘Tradition’, and the colours are Jade, Raspberry, Light Purple Heather, and Navy. While the wool isn’t quite as soft as, say the Peruvian Highland from Elann, I have found it quite wear-able and incredibly warm. I have 2-3 balls leftover and am now contemplating either matching socks or a felted object, not sure which.

The Philosopher’s Wool sweaters are all meant to be worked in the round and then cut with steeks later for the cardigan band and the armholes. While this is a little intimidating, it worked like a charm in the end! Also, the 2-handed fair isle technique was almost addictive. I’m sure I’ll want to try another sweater of theirs in the future.

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