When in Doubt, Knit…

*I cast off on the Honeymoon Cami last week and it fits wonderfully. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up soon. Next I have my eye on the Ballet Camisole to use with the black Luna I have ready and waiting. The yarn has a nice sheen to it and, hey, it’s machine washable to boot!

*So, naturally I had to cast something ON, to fill the void left by the Honeymoon Cami…I’ve got 8-and-a-bit balls of Quechua leftover from a sweater, and that’s just enough for the KnitPicks Feather-and-Fan stole. It’s a rectangle shawl, essentially, using a repeating feather-and-fan stitch. I’m enjoying it so far, it seems nicely repetitive and will be a good way to use up the yarn. They have a similar idea for chunkier, fuzzier yarn for a blanket feather-and-fan pattern – I’m thinking this will be an opportunity to finally put to rest some of the Divine that’s been languishing in my stash for too long.

*The Ravenclaw cardi has come to a bit of a standstill. I’m still in need of 1 ball (really, 1 ball would be enough) of Highland Wool in Light Grey Heather, and have been waiting for months for Elann to refill that colour…still nothing. So, the cardi has 2 sleeves, 2 front pieces, and enough navy blue for the back piece, but until I get more of the contrast colour, sadly it will have to wait. Fortunately, my sister does have enough yarn in Griffyndor colours for me to knit one for her😉 All in good time…


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