When things get tough…

…the tough get themselves to a yarn store and find suitable substitutes in as close a friggin’ colour as they can get.

The Ravenclaw Cardi is, of course, still stalled by a lack of re-stock in Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool in Light Grey Heather. And so, when I was out last week at a yarn store (not for ME, of course, I was just along for the company…) I decided on a whim to check out the supply of Patons Merino Wool, just in case. Lo and behold, I brought home a skein of their Light Grey Mix. Well, tell me if you think this ain’t darned close enough:

(Wee bits of Elann in the front, full skein of Patons in the back.)
I know, I know, they’re not 100% exactly the same, but I’m willing to bet it’s no more different than the difference between two dye lots of the same yarn, which is what I would be dealing with anyway. And it’s close enough that I’m willing to do the back stripe entirely with the Patons wool and have done with it.

Huzzah! The sweater will be finished! I wonder if I can get that done this weekend…(There is the small matter of the seaming, making the collar, and installing the zipper, nevermind knitting the rest of the back piece, but whatever, lalalallaaaa…)

So, in this trip to the yarn store, I also succumbed to yarn pressure, and walked out with a couple of balls of the most fabulous superwash sock yarn ever. And, erm, I may be more than half done a pair of socks already. And I may have done this without even bothering to note it on the WIP list at the right… *whistles*…

This yarn is just SO soft, and the colours are so lovely…it’s self-striping but not the same as the usual jacquard prints…I would say that I’m in love, except I think the real object of my affection has become this book:

Viking Patterns for Knitting, by Elsebeth Lavold. My friend K came to visit and showed me this book, since she’d recently acquired it. I think I may have had to wipe away drool. The ‘Ragna’ pattern in particular made me fall in love…I think if I could make out with a book, I would have with this one. It’s cables, cables, all cables. Scandinavian knotwork and celtic braiding translated into cable patterns that are Just. So. Gorgeous. *sigh*

If I suddenly come home with 10 skeins of aran wool, I’ll know I’m in trouble.



  1. Marianne · ·

    The colours look great from this side of the screen, how about the wpi’s? The Elann looks a bit…plumper?
    Nice blog BTW.

  2. Dove Knits · ·

    What a nice sock! Love the colors.

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