The non-knitting cats.

This past week and for most of August I’m on a cat-sitting/house-sitting gig. It’s been fun so far, and I have 2 fuzzy companions who are generally amiable and will happily purr and wrap themselves around my legs/hands/any part of me that provides a sitting surface. What’s been intriguing so far is that neither of these feline gals is particularly interested in my knitting. Sure, if I try to knit when one of them is on my lap, they will inevitably grab at it, but even if I’ve got a ball of yarn sitting on the floor as I knit, they eventually lose interest.

Example #1:

Note that on the coffee table behind her there is my knitting bag (full of yarny goodness), 2 WIPs, and a quantity of yarn, but for her the most important thing is the plastic bag that fell to the floor. Mine, mine, mine, she says. (Except then, she played with it so vigorously that the rustling startled her and she ran away. Poor wacko.)

Example #2:
Then I started blocking the Ravenclaw cardi (grey yarn substitution still going strong), using my handy-dandy new foam-mats-turned-blocking-boards, purchased for about $17. I thought that all this wool lying out on an easily accessible flat surface would at least pique their interest, but in the end both cats only sniffed it surreptitiously and gave it a wide berth on their way through the back porch:

Cats, man, just when I think I’ve got ’em figured out. My explanation is that the Lady of The House isn’t a knitter, so if the cats have been raised without exposure to Knitted Things, then the introduction of same will provide only passing interest.

Which is just fine with me 😉

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