"Ravenclaw" Cardi

Be still my heart…It worked!

I think I started this pattern back in about April. It’s been modified here and there several times, and I still have a lovely team of beta-knitters working on it as well. If all goes well, I’ll release the pattern here for public consumption by the end of September. (I was thinking about offering it for free, but several people are telling me I should charge. I’m starting to agree. I’m also starting to realize I have no idea how to actually do that. Hm.)

Sizing will include Women’s XS to 5XL, in zip cardi and pullover options. Next up: Men’s version!

For those who are interested:

Pattern: My own, based on the Quidditch uniform sweaters worn in the Harry Potter films. Modified to be a zippered-cardigan (pullovers are worn in the films) that includes optional pockets just below the waist. Sleeves cover the wrists.
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool, in Ink and Light Grey Heather, with some Patons Classic Merino Light Grey Mix thrown in to subsitute for the back stripe.
Needles: 4mm straights, eventually switched to 4mm circs to work pieces flat. Easier on my hands and elbows that way.
Finishing: Zipper installed by hand, and that was a first for me. I’ve never done zippers before, but Im happy with the result! Vogue Knitting Quick Reference was most helpful. Also, I learned that sewing seams on a dark-navy-blue piece is a lot harder without good lighting! Heh.

I now have a heap of burgundy and gold yarn to knit one of these for my sister, who requested this thing in the first place. Hers won’t have the hem stripe on it, and may or may not have the pockets. Guess what’ll have to go on the WIP list next? 😉

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