Somebody cool me down, I’m on fire!

Two Finished Objects in one week? So much glee I can hardly stand it!

Just under 2 weeks since I started them, and voila! The comfiest basic socks ever:

(I know, I know – I’ve got ladders. *sigh* I’m workin’ on it.)

And here’s where I admit that I have two, yes, two more balls of this yarn (Austermann Step – aloe vera sock yarn, that’s damned clever) waiting to be knit up. But first, I must go back to the poor neglected Cable and Rib socks. While I lovingly stroke my new FO, of course… 😉



  1. Beautiful socks!

  2. That’s really cute yarn! What kind is it?

  3. Tipper – thank you!
    The yarn is Austermann Step. If you run a google search for it you’ll come up with oodles of online suppliers 😉

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