Anatomy of a Knitting Bag

I don’t have a purse – at least, not an everyday purse. I do, on the other hand, have a knitting bag:

It’s got a large main pocket and two small outer pockets. Inside, there are two little pockets and another small zippered pouch. It’s a regular handbag that I chose because it was moderately roomy but not cumbersome, and its wider-than-it-is-tall style meant that it was a good fit for straight needles. (In a piece of irony, since I bought this bag I have all but given up straight needles in favour of circs.)

This is what is currently living in my knitting bag:

(Bottom row)
1. In the needle department: A set of DPNs, a 1.75 mm crochet hook (for dropped sock stitches), and a cable needle. There’s a 4mm crochet hook in there too, but it’s lost in the pens and pencils.
2. Notions: a tapestry needle (held on a length of yarn), safety pins, stitch markers (wee box of commercial ones, and a few handmade ones although those are now mostly living on my green shawl WIP), pens and pencils (far too many), scissors, and a tape measure (I have another one that stays in the knitting basket at home).
3. Life stuff: cell phone (usually turned off), spoon, power bar (both leftover from months ago when I was at a conference and was ready to Be Prepared for emergency food situations. They still linger, in the “just in case” category), US $10 bill (also leftover from said conference. I don’t know why I’m still carrying it around).

(2nd row)
4. Misc: Gauge/needle measuring panel (there must be a Real Name for this that I can’t think of)
5. Works-In-Progress: Sweater, the beginning of a front panel (in a yarn that is really too plump for the gauge, but I like the colour and I’m stubborn), a feather-and-fan shawl, about 1/5th of the way done and waiting patiently for me to pick it up again since about, oh, 2 weeks ago…*whistles*…, and the beginning of the second Rib and Cable Sock. (I’m a good Yarn Harlot follower, I cast on the second sock right away in wariness of Second Sock Syndrome.)
6. Calculator, for design purposes mostly.

(3rd row)
7. Heap of paper yarn wrappers, gathering infinitely in the bottom of my bag. I think I counted 17. I think we’re also supposed to be making decoupage with these, or similar (at least if you believe Leigh Radford.) For this reason, I still haven’t thrown them out yet, and for this reason they will remain in the bag.
8. Two empty plastic page covers.
9. Miscellaneous circular needle envelopes, some containing needles and others awaiting the needles’ return.
10. Patterns and pattern notes, some for current WIPs and some for past and future WIPs. Some are pages with miscellaneous scribbles.

(Top row)
11. First aid: Bandaids (I get blisters on my feet in the summer), ibuprofen (for misc aches and pains, knitting injuries included), and Tic Tacs.

You’d think this would be plenty of stuff to haul around with me, but actually I still haven’t looked inside the two outside pockets:

12. My wallet. (Self-explanatory)
13. Cosmetics department: Powder compact, lipstick, hand lotion. Dental floss, which appears cosmetic but is actually there in case I have to ditch my scissors in an airport situation, or if I lose my scissors and need an emergency yarn-cutting backup.
14. More first aid: bandaids. Breath mint.
15. Stationery needs: mini-highligher, pen, business cards (some my own, some of others), and small post-it notes.

And the kicker? My bag still has room in it 😉
The one thing I’d like to have in here and don’t is my knitting notebook, but it’s not at a size that fits easily into the bag, and even if it does fit it adds a considerable amount of weight. Ah well. Perhaps I just need a smaller notebook for the bag. Ooh, shopping…


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  1. Marianne · ·

    WOW. I am impressed! That’s one helluva bag you’ve got there woman! Amaaaazing. (I can tell I need to work on my own bag, actually I just haul a little project bag/basket that I made with my current sock or other project, but I’m seriously thinking about the French Market bag over at Knitty).
    ps thanks for stopping by and welcoming me to blogland.

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