It’s like they want me to buy yarn.

I think Elann is now reading my mind. I’ve been searching around for sport weight wool yarns with decent colour selections (KnitPicks’ Telemark looks not half bad, but doesn’t have the full pink-purple and blue-green spectrums that I like.) This Devon line from Elann is also coming darned close. *wants*

It really is the rule that as soon as you put yourself on a yarn diet (I just shelled out a whack of $$ for a September plane ticket to London, I gotta give the ol’ credit card some recovery time – plus, I have no shortage of stash to use up), that’s when you find yourself lusting after new purchases. *sigh*

What would I do with this Devon, you ask? Well, I’ve been fooling around with a design for the last few months based on the fair isle turtleneck sweater Hermione wears in The Goblet of Fire. I’d like to use sport weight yarn at the heaviest, so that I can get the gauge down pretty fine. Another option would be Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, which has colour selection aplenty. But Elann, though…well, they already own my soul. I’m working towards that gift-certificate-if-you-spend-enough thing with them, how could I cheat on them now? 🙂

No pics for me today, although I’m pleased to report that i’m already 5 inches in to the second Rib and Cable sock. I’m hoping to finish these in time to have them count for my August Socks in the Sock-A-Month 2 Knitalong. *crosses fingers*

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