Tragedy strikes.

I’d like to say that I was more than halfway to another finished sock right now. Sadly, I’m back to square one again.

On Saturday I cast on for the Simple Stripes Fair Isle socks. I was nervous about trying them because while I’ve done 2-stranded fair isle before, I’ve never done it on DPNs. Well, as it turned out, 2-stranded fair isle on DPNs has more to do with being comfortable with DPNs. If you’re comfortable with fair isle, too, then hey, I think this project should be no problemo. Also, I think using the variegeted yarn this way is absolutely brilliant. It looks like you’re using 4 colours when actually you’re using only 2.

I’d forgotten the charms and allures of fair isle – how quickly the rows go by, how the tension is balanced across 2 hands and lulls you into a sense of security and stamina. By Sunday night I’d managed to get halfway through, past the theel and about an inch into the foot section.

Then I decided to try it on. You know, just to make sure.

It wouldn’t fit. The leg could slip over my foot but would not make the turn over my heel and arch. On any other sock, 64 sts on 2.75mm needles would be perfect, but not with this sock. Apparently in my renewed love
affair with 2-stranded knitting I forgot the small wee details that fair isle fabric is
a) not as stretchy as regular fabric, and
b) twice as thick as regular fabric.

Nothing for it but to rip back and start over with more stitches. I hope the love affair will still be there when I cast on again.



  1. Oh no! I know nothing about Fair Isle, as I have never tried it, but I was very attracted to this pattern – it is so fun. I hope the second time is a charm and works out well! 🙂

  2. Marianne · ·

    Oh, damn it. I feel for you, cripes, they’re absolutely beautiful! I wish you well with your Fair Isle love affair…and it does go fast! It’s like the universe smiles upon fair isle knitters, don’t you think? Good luck, can’t wait to see the do-over that fits your feet.

  3. Marianne – thank you for the sympathy! I can’t wait to see the finished pair, too, but ooh the Second Sock Syndrome will be fierce this time around. More like Third Sock Syndrome! 😉

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