Monthly Archives: September 2006

How to Make Speedy Socks?

Marianne was asking me about socks last night, and I thought, hey! You know who also knows a thing or two about socks? Knit-bloggers, that’s who! And so, I am taking the liberty of bringing her question to you fine folks, to ask you all about socks. What’s your favourite sock yarn?I, personally, have never […]

Some Knitting Humour – Firefly style

I’m not the only fannish knitter out there, right? Now, I haven’t knitted a Jayne Hat yet, but the other day I found myself pondering another Firefly/knitting overlap, mostly due to my friend K musing a while back what it would look like if the Battlestar Galactica and Buffy characters ever took up knitting. Heh. […]

Knitting imitating Life

Thank you all for the suggestions on my last post about what to do with the former sweater. My sister is now mulling the options of charity knitting or an afghan. (Or perhaps a charity afghan?)(And BTW – if you leave a comment please feel free to include your email address in the comment form […]

Knitting angst

Some of the angst is mine (What if I can’t knit everything I want to knit before Christmas? What if Ivy actually sucks and I’ve just hoodwinked a bunch of knitters and the guilt will paralyze me? What if my stash grows to the size of my house and eats me alive?), but some of […]

Life goes on, and so does the knitting

Yep, nothing like going on a trip for a week and a half to put your life into fast forward afterwards! I am being pulled kicking and screaming back into the real world. Thank goodness I still have my knitting to cling to in the evenings. Quick note re: Ivy yarns and substitutions. I’ve put […]

Ivy yarn

Y’all are an impressive bunch of knitters. Did you know that Elann sold out of Quechua in Saxony Teal within 2 days? I’m still reeling from this. I inquired with the lovely Elann people and they will be getting another shipment of Quechua probably around Christmas time, so if you’re wedded to the teal and […]

Ivy, oh Ivy! I think I have whiplash…

…from the response I’ve had to Ivy since its release… *checks calendar* 2 days ago. I only wish I hadn’t been away from home at the time! (Note to self: In the event of any possible future pattern designs, try not to be gallivanting around London at the time of their release. Or if gallivanting […]

Coming to you live from Trafalgar Sq

This is such a drive-by post that I feel as though I should just wait and do it properly, but since I had the moment to stop in at an internet cafe in my travels and saw that Knitty was up…Hurray! I’m so glad that Ivy is here! I’ll be sure to post more upon […]

London, dahling

I’ve managed to score a brief internet connection at my friend S’s place, where I’ve been for the last 2 days. I’ll be carrying on to a different place for the rest of my trip so I thought I’d take advantage and make a quick post. Who knows when I’ll have a good internet spot […]

Stash lust

Tomorrow, I hop on a plane to spend 8 days in England for a combination of a conference and sightseeing. I’m not sure what’s stressing me out more: my presentation at the conference, or worrying whether or not I will be able to take my knitting on the plane. (I have brought bamboo DPNs assuming […]