The first of the Simple Stripes socks is now done. *whew*
(unfortunately this is the best pic I could manage this morning 😉 )

Where possible, I did fudge over the colours a bit by adding in smaller lengths from my 2nd ball of Simple Stripes yarn. I’m stubborn that way and I wanted the colours to match all the way through each pattern. I added 5 more rows of black between the end of the foot chart and the beginning of the toe decreases. And this process did teach me the short-row sock heel, so go me!

I can say with pleasure that this sock fits just perfectly after moving up to the size “Large” from the size “Small” , in the pattern. This involves 72 sts around on the same size needles. BUT, it does fit pretty darn just right. A few sts less and we might have a different story.

This is the part that really does me in, though: according to the pattern, my gauge is loose, and I STILL only just managed to fit this sucker on my foot. The pattern expects you to get 10.5 sts per inch with “Size 2” needles. *pause to curse KnitPicks and their US-needle-size-only system* Now for me, Size 2 translates to 2.75mm needles, which is a normal needle size for me and socks. (Usually “normal socks” also allow me to use only 64 sts, but moving on…) Using these, I got 1 st per inch less than called for, both times (I say both times, because I had already half-knitted this sock once and then started over).

I do have the Size 10.5/11 feet, I’m full and ready to admit this. (One reason that knitting your own perfectly-fitting socks is so awesome.) But, my feet have never been considered “wide”. It is possible that my arch/instep is bigger than I thought. So either I have been vastly underestimating the size of my feet, or this pattern is grossly underestimating the size of the average foot that will fit the socks procured as a result.

Either way, my advice for this pattern? Measure your feet, compare it to the expected size in the pattern, and then double-check your gauge. 😉

The Second Sock Syndrome on this pair is going to be a DOOZY.

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