Stash lust

Tomorrow, I hop on a plane to spend 8 days in England for a combination of a conference and sightseeing. I’m not sure what’s stressing me out more: my presentation at the conference, or worrying whether or not I will be able to take my knitting on the plane. (I have brought bamboo DPNs assuming they will be less frowned up on than metal ones, and installed a lifeline in my shawl, just in case the circs get confiscated. I’m taking the risk – 10 hours in airports and on a plane is too much to go without knitting if I can help it!)

(I also don’t know if the Knitty fall issue will be released while I’m away. I don’t know what my internet access will be like, but I will check in as much as possible. If it is, then, well – I hope you like my pattern! Erm, it’s my first design. *glee*)

Today, though, I’m very much in love with my stash. Or at least, this part of it:

Allow me to tell the stash story behind all of this.

In February (or was it March?) I finished a fair isle cardigan with yarn from Philosophers Wool. (It was my first time knitting with 2-stranded fair isle. It was awesome and I was only finished 1 sleeve before I couldn’t wait to do another one.) I used the “Tradition” pattern in 4 colours: Dark Purple Heather, Navy, Jade, and Dark Raspberry. When it was finished I still had a full skein each of the Dark Purple and the Jade, and probably the equivalent of a skein left in little balls from the other skeins that I’d used. All in all, roughly the equivalent of 3 skeins or 600 yds of Canadian 100% wool.

Then, I recently found some of their wool in the sale section of my LYS, and I snatched up a few in the Raspberry and Navy because I knew they would match and I thought perhaps it would help me use it up – I’ve been reluctant to use up the 3 skeins of my leftovers because, well, once I use it up then it’s all gone. Sure, from those 3 skeins I could have made a couple of warm, cozy, kickass pairs of socks, some striped scarves and hats, maybe a shawl or a nice bag…But I still kept saving it up.

Then, my parents were on vacation in the vicinity of Philosopher’s Wool and i realized that, with the now 6 skeins that I had, I could add a few more and easily knit another full sweater, this time in the “Colour Your Own” style that lets you start with a base colour of 2-3 skeins’ worth, and then just add in your own selection. So, they were going there anyway, and I asked them to pick up a few more, so now I have 3 Raspberry for the base colour, and then a combination of Jade, Periwinkle Blue, Navy, Dark Purple Heather, Light Purple Heather, and Dark Maroon will form the fair isle combinations. This one will be a pullover, and I’m looking forward to it. But all this will have to wait – I’m off tomorrow! My shawl and a basic sock project are all that shall accompany me across the pond.


  1. Jacqueline · ·

    “If it is, then, well – I hope you like my pattern! “

    Yes, I do! 🙂 I’m already trying to convince myself that I should finish some of the sweaters I’m already working on before buying more yarn.

    Or at least take the time to carefully contemplate what color I want :). Congrats on getting your first design into knitty!

  2. Yeah for Fair isle!

    I love Philosopher’s Wool sweaters. I’ve yet to knit one of their sweaters, but it’s in my constant drool wish list.

  3. Did you like England? Where did you stay? This is from a knitter in England. I live about 25 miles west of London and am always interested in like-minded souls reaction to my country. I know you’re like-minded because you seem to have about as many unfinished projects as I do. I used to live in Virginia but I’m afraid I never had the chance to visit canada.

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