London, dahling

I’ve managed to score a brief internet connection at my friend S’s place, where I’ve been for the last 2 days. I’ll be carrying on to a different place for the rest of my trip so I thought I’d take advantage and make a quick post. Who knows when I’ll have a good internet spot again! 😉 Also, allow me to say how pleased I am that I was allowed my bamboo DPNs on the plane. You should have seen the jealous looks I got from a group of senior ladies behind me in the hour-long customs and immigration lineup at Heathrow.

I was a dutiful knitter and made some yarn crawl stops on my first day in London (yea verily, my first day – I was on about 2 hours of sleep and a lot of caffiene and sugar, but I made it through until midnight for some uknown reason. There but for the grace of Coca-cola and Starbucks went I.)

First, allow me to heartily recommend Stash Yarns. Some photos that show off the beauty:

(That’s my jacket and sock-in-progress draped over the chair and table.)

Michelle was very welcoming and chatted with me as I fondled all the lovely yarns, then invited me to sit with a drink and knit if I wanted to. And, since I didn’t have anything else to do and was suitably jet-lagged to be in a highly suggestible state, I did just that. So we conferred on sock knitting, how neat the Yarn Harlot is, the latest knitting mags, and I watched as a few other customers popped in and were attended to. They stock all the good stuff, and I managed to get away with only a couple of Lorna’s Laces skeins and some Debbie Bliss, but there is Fleece Artist, Blue Sky Alpacas, Rooster (a UK line I hadn’t heard of), Malabrigios, and much more.

I also did the check-in at John Lewis and Liberty (picture below).

I may go back to Liberty and have a look at the bath and home section, but I didn’t buy any yarn at either place. They both have a fairly comprehensive selection of Rowan, Debbie Bliss, and Jaeger, but little else. I have to say also that Liberty’s does have beauty on its side – the building is gorgeous both inside and out.

And now I have heard from a friend of S that there are some other knitting stores to check out, so I may swing by I Knit London which has apparently just opened.

Happy Knitting to one and all!


  1. Hope you catch up with yourself soon, the yarn shops look fabulous!

  2. Your Knitty pattern is up, and it’s gorgeous! Well done!

  3. I adore Ivy!!! Thanks so much for creating such a beautiful pattern — it’s just what I have been wanting to knit!

  4. Loved your pattern in
    knitty… thought I’d drop by & say hi!!!!!

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