Knitting angst

Some of the angst is mine (What if I can’t knit everything I want to knit before Christmas? What if Ivy actually sucks and I’ve just hoodwinked a bunch of knitters and the guilt will paralyze me? What if my stash grows to the size of my house and eats me alive?), but some of it is my sister’s. She asked me to solicit the advice of you fine knit-bloggers about her current issue.

You see, she used to have this sweater. SHe knitted it years ago when she was new to knitting and thought Lewiscraft was the be-all and end-all of knitting supplies, and bought up a whole bunch of Bernat chunky 100% acrylic, and made a cabled sweater with it. It was a monster sweater. It took about 1700 yards of chunky wool and in the end left her with about 12 inches of ease around the bust. It was heavy and sweaty and I think she wore it twice. And as you can see, she even ended up mixing dye-lots on the yarn.

So, this week, she decided that perhaps the yarn did not really want to be this sweater and perhaps wanted to be something else, and she started ripping.

And ripping…

And ripping.

And now she has a veritable yarn ball farm of chunky dark green acrylic and, short of monster granny squares, she’s wondering what the heck to do with it all.

Sooo, if YOU had approximately 1700 yards of chunky green acrylic yarn, what would you do with it? 😉


  1. Well, she can knit for the homeless in her area. She can make an afghan or a throw. Depending on how soft it is, make hats and scarves for friends who don’t live in tundra country (to me, anything north of the Mason-Dixon line is tundra country)

    I’m not anti-acrylic so I’d think about making a sweater for me with it.

  2. Jewel of Montreal · ·

    Maybe she could mix it with a lighter colour for a baby blanket. Or knit some cushion covers, a dog bed…

    Best of luck!

  3. oof, all that knitting…I’m with twig on knitting for the homeless if she’s not fond of the yarn, otherwise I also agree with an afghan or throw. She can alternate the greens if she wants to make a piece of clothing..or whatever she decides.
    Good luck to her!
    Don’t be fretting so about Ivy, it’s all good.

  4. Oh, and about the stash eating you alive? All I can say is..what a way to go. Holiday knitting? I’m forcing myself to knit nothing but, is it driving me nuts? yes, a bit. I’m not such a fast knitter and is seems everyone is wanting socks.

  5. She could donate it to a charity group who takes donations of yarn and they make it into blankets and whatnot to donate.

  6. I vote for an afghan. Acrylic is perfect for an afghan, but not really for anything else. Love the color.

  7. madam_rptr · ·


    You’ve got a load of wonderful responses here – but just wanted to jump in and add my 2 cents.

    When WeeOne was born, she had to spend a week in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. While there, we had two beautiful small afghans donated to her. They were gorgeous and very comforting as they made her little incubator seem more warm and welcoming – plus, they acted as a lovely cover to help keep the harsh lights out during her sleep times.

    She now uses them as blankies for her babies. ;0>

  8. i really liked ivy, too. and i def agree about the charity idea 😉

  9. meredith · ·

    knit a 10 by 10 inch square for my knit along! we’re putting together blankets for dans la rue, the street kid charity in montreal. i’m a producer at cbc radio montreal and launched this on the air. let me know if you want the details. we want, nay, need your acrylic!

  10. lady octavia · ·

    there’s some great ideas here – I just needed to squee again (re-squee ?) over the cutness of the little yarn balls!!

  11. Stephanie · ·

    You could always make preemie clothes and blankets and donate it to the hospital. There are statics that preemies that are not wearing hospital garb get treated better. Acrylic is great for them. Wool is not 😦

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