Thanksgiving Knitting

It’s Turkey weekend around these parts, and although I won’t be feasting for another couple of days, it’s never too late to lay in the holiday knitting plans, right? Behold the yarny goodness:

This is the 2nd beginning on the first sleeve of my 2nd Philosopher’s Wool sweater. This one is using the “Colour Your Own” style, and will be a pullover. My first one was a cardigan, so I’ve decided to try something a bit different. Also, I can’t say enough about how much I love the colours this yarn comes in. All you have to do is sit down next to it and you get a lovely whiff of lanolin, and also, it softens your hands while you work with it. How much more yarn love can you get?

My mother bought me the yarn for my 1st PW sweater last year, and this one is going to be made from a few skeins leftover from that one, a few skeins found in my LYS, and a few purchased additionally by my parents and myself. I think I’m happy with the colour combination as it stands at the moment, it needed some sitting and thinking time. But the beauty of this scheme is that it doesn’t really and truly matter what colours you’re using, because you keep combining them in different ways every few lines. I’m looking forward to seeing what this looks like! Also, Fair Isle = love. Not nearly as skeery as you think, I promise.

Over there on the WIP list at the sidebar, I went and took off the Feather and Fan stole I’d been working on. To say it was a work in “progress” would be entirely too generous. It’s not a difficult stitch, Feather and Fan, but the idea of knitting another 4 feet of it was making me have twitches and spasms. I considered ripping it out altogether, but my sister reasoned with me that it’s not harming anyone just sitting in the stash in its partially-finished state, so that is where it will rest for the time being. I’d rather track a WIP list that I can feel good about.

I’d like to say there’s been more movement on Pomatomus since my last post, but sadly I am only finished the first repeat of Chart A. It’ll come with me this weekend and I’ll see if I can put in some time with it – I’m remembering why I like colour work more than charted work. But knitting is nothing if not a challenge, right?

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the north!


  1. I’m your exact opposite. Give me cables (preferably) give me lace. Don’t get near me with fair isle. Fair Isle = EVIL. *laugh*

    Now if I could make my right hand move in the way I wanted it to, I might feel differently. But as it stands, my right hand is pretty useless. Which doesn’t make sense because even though I’m lefthanded, I was raised in a right handed world. I bowl right handed. I crochet right handed. I can’t hit my mouth with a fork held in my right hand and I can’t manipulate the yarn in my right hand. So I’d be really thin and cold if I broke my left hand.

  2. Ohhhh, that is sooo pretty! I’ll be loving watching this grow up…heh.
    Happy Thanksgiving! have a great holiday full of good knitting time and of course, good food to eat, and good company to spend it with.

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