Thanksgiving weekend = food + knitting = awesome.
This is why I love Fair Isle colour work:

Because after just 4 days, I have 1 completed sleeve and 1/3 of the 2nd sleeve. I’m in love with the colours, too, I have to say. I’m glad I waited to add in another one. Of course, I recognize that this wouldn’t go quite as fast if I were using fingering-weight or sport-weight yarn like more traditional Fair Isle, but hey, I’m enjoying the instant gratification.

I also went back to the Pomatomus socks (although I cannot seem to get a non-blurry picture of this…):

So, I’m just a few rows shy of a complete leg and then I’ll move on to the heel. I’ve got to pick up the pace on these, though, I’m a little concerned that I finish them in time for my October socks for the “Sock-A-Month” knitalong, PLUS there is Socktoberfest to think about…

I have to admit that, until the third repeat of the leg pattern, I was hating this pattern. It took that long for the pattern to become intuitive, and I had to keep looking back at the chart multiple times every row. I also think the sock knew I was hating it, because I cannot remember ever having so many problems with dropped stitches within such a small knitting time frame.

I think I’m over the worst of the frustration, though, and would love to have a completed sock (at least) by this time next week. Sadly, the Real World is harsh and cruel and doesn’t have nearly enough knitting time, so I will have to wait until this evening to return to it. Onwards…


  1. I am so loving the sweater’s sleeves! Gorgeous knitting.
    Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving, I don’t know that I’m looking forward to it here next month as hordes (muggles all) descend on our home and I spend too many days in preparation…..cuts into the knitting big time.

  2. Do you know about Sarah’s Yarns?
    go check it out…I intend to post about her, but it won’t be today, her 100% cashmere DK 200yd skein is 14.50, and it’s verra nice.

  3. Marianne – Thank you! I love this sweater so much, I hope I still love it when I’m trudging through the body 😉

    I’ve been to Sarah’s Yarns once…And I had to restrain myself. Oh dear, cashmere dk for $14.50? *gulp*

  4. Kelly (in Ottawa) · ·

    I attempted the Pontonamus socks a while back and ripped them out in frustration. From your account, it sounds like there’s hope if I can get through the first few repeats. Maybe I’ll give those another go….

  5. I’m serious. 200yds DK cashmere.. you have to order it direct as in phone, email or fax but yes, seriously.
    When you get to the body of the sweater? I think you’ll do just fine,and trudge on!

  6. the fair isle is wonderful. I have always wanted to knit one of those.

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