Knitterly Celebration

This weekend, I finished the fair isle sleeves…

I finished Pomatomus sock #1 (with about 3 yards of yarn left to spare), and cast on sock #2…

And to celebrate, I cast on for a new winter scarf. (The chilly weather seemed to arrive in a hurry this weekend. Why can’t scarves knit up at lighting speed, I ask you?)

Once again I’ve started sniffing around the pattern for Mariah. Because, you know, I need more projects to add to the winter knitting queue 😉 We’ll see…


  1. Oh, I am just loving those FI sleeves! Can hardly wait for the sweater. I am so proud of you, one sock down and the 2nd cast on! You are quite the Woman!
    Aren’t scarves just crazy that way? They can really seriously drive me nuts.
    I have to say, I am so looking forward to ‘after the holidays’ so I can make something…just for me! so, of course, I’m just a bit envious of your knitting time, although, I DO know you are knitting sweaters for gifts, and I continue to be in awe of your knitterly skills.

  2. I bought some wool this weekend to make a scarf for my husband. I’ve started it 3 times. I can’t find a pattern that I like that won’t bore me to death. I sure wish they were faster, too.

  3. twig – I totally agree! scarves seem so small and basic, and then you realize that they go on forever. Hopefully this one will be done before it gets too much colder out there 😉

    marianne – I can’t wait to have the FI sweater done, too! It really is the mystic of FI that it knits up so quickly. I do indeed have a sweater on the holiday knit-list…a ribbi cardi…just waiting for the yarn to arrive, so I”m trying to pack in as much ME knitting as possible before then! It’s what I do in the evenings, what can I say 😉

  4. I have copied out both the pattern for Pomatous socks and Mariah. I am knitting a scarf, but our weather here rarely makes it necessary to wear a scarf, so it will be gifted. I love the colour of your scarf!

  5. Peg – thank you! I have the feeling I will be using a lot of purple this winter, it seems like that’s where I’m gravitating in my colour choices.

    I’ll be glad to have Pomatomus done. The pattern has challenged me but the 2nd sock has been easier than the 1st. And how can I not at least give Mariah a 2nd look? 😉

  6. oohh the scarf looks lovely!!

    Dude, do you ever sleep?!

  7. Wow, your Faire Isle works is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished result. Now, if only I can convince myself to try Faire Isle!

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