I suppose I should be flattered…

…but mostly I’m frustrated.

I received a very helpful email today from a friendly knitter giving me the heads up that this website is selling sweaters using my Ivy pattern (click on the “Adult sweaters” link and you’ll see mine.). No, I did not give them permission to do this, and yes, I have immediately contacted them to advise them of this and asked them to immediately remove this offer from their website.

I’d like to think this is an unusual occurrence, but I’m quite certain it’s not.

We’ll see what happens next.

[EDIT]: What do you know? After two emails with the woman who runs this site, my sweater has now been removed from the “Adult Sweaters” page. Perhaps she just needed some clarification on the fact that YES it is my pattern and NO it didn’t come from Elann and NO she does not have my permission to profit from it. Arg.


  1. Yikes!
    Fortunately, knitty.com’s FAQ is VERY clear over what ‘personal use’ is and is NOT when it comes to “free” patterns. Then again, if nana-whoever wants to pay you a licensing fee…

  2. Holy crap. Jerks! Total jerks!

    You should email Knitty too and get them in on the case. That’s just outrageous.

  3. The Crafty Weasel · ·

    Frustrated would be an understatement for me!!!!
    I was reading another knitter’s blog the other day and she was also complaining that someone had warned her about a blogger using some of her photos.
    What is wrong with people????

  4. Jewel of Montreal · ·

    That stinks.
    Have you ever “met” The Girl From Auntie? http://www.girlfromauntie.com/journal/ She’s a knitter and lawyer obsessed with exactly this kind of misuse of copyright. Her blog documents cases of others in your situation.
    Good luck protecting your intellectual property.

  5. By the time I got there it was gone, but there were 11 “shoppers” online so I’m guessing that the news of this place is getting around because I can’t imagine 11 random people there at one time. I recognized one picture that person is using as one that belongs to Berrocco.

  6. Anonymous · ·

    I went and checked that site too. It looks like your sweater is down but it says how she can make anything that’s described to her and she can make a pattern up.

    However she has violated copyright a million times b/c I recognize the pattern pictures from elann, lionbrand etc. etc and you can’t use the free patterns for profit only private use. Plus she also violated copyright on all those pictures from those companies showing their models….she is really opened herself to a lawsuit besides its unethical.

  7. Wow, that woman just gave herself some bad publicity and completely discredited herself! I’ll never buy from her.

  8. Damn.
    I’d say “nana” needs to do some homework as to what she can and what she cannot do…

  9. I tell ya, the innernets is just like the wild west! Anybody who learns a few lines of code or has an old moldy copy of Front Page thinks they can run a business online. Apparently Copyright Infringement was not included in the tutorial for Make Money from Home Now! flyer she must have picked up. Unfortunately, ignorance abounds. Nice to have people looking out for you.

  10. WTF?! How rude! (not to mention particularly unwise in these very litigious days in which we live…)

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