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Over two and a half years of knitting, I had never been to a ‘Stitch n’ Bitch’ group – until last night.

I finally, finally, finally, finally, finally plucked up the courage to go over to Lettuce Knit for knitting night. I was so nervous when I went in that I had knots in my stomach. I know, I know…knitters are nice – and the LK knitters really are nice, I know this now – but in new group situations I get extremely shy.

But the ground did not swallow me whole, and I made what I think was acceptable conversation, and knitted my Pomatomus sock, and goggled at all the gorgeous yarn lining the walls, and did my best propaganda job for sock-knitting for the knitter sitting on my left who had never done socks before but wanted to. And I talked to Aven, and Amy, and a woman who I knew from my volunteer work but hadn’t seen in years, and lots of other ladies. And I will totally go again.

Back to my regularly-scheduled graduate student programming for today…


  1. Oh you were the new crazy person at the meeting that I heard about? It’s all over blogland.

    *laugh* Ok, maybe it’s not. I don’t like social situations at all and especially where I don’t know anyone. We have a knitting group locally that meets every Monday. I went once and they were all nice, but I still haven’t plucked up the courage to return.

  2. Twig – hah! You almost had me there 😉 It was definitely the factor of new group + not knowing anyone that made me nervous. But hey, turns out I did know someone! Next time I will remember to bring a water bottle, though – sitting in a warm yarn shop for 2 hours and talking made me a bit parched.

  3. Oh, I am just sooo proud of you, and I know what you mean, I’m a bit on the shy side also. But what a fabulous group! (These are some of the women who are friends with Steph, right?) Does Rachel H. go there? If I lived in Toronto, I’d so be there, as is it, we have a tiny group that meets at the neighborhood library…this can be such a sad little ‘town’.
    Oh, and hey, did they figure out who you were? I’m saying…when they do they’ll be verra impressed with you.

  4. I totally understand the nervousness — the first few times I went, I felt just the same, even though I’m usually pretty social, and I knew the people there were very friendly and easy-going. It’s still an established social group that you’re coming into the middle of, and that’s always nervewracking! But it was very nice to meet you in person, and I look forward to seeing you there again when we’re both able to be there on the same night!

  5. Marianne – I don’t know if Rachel was there last night but if she was I didn’t talk to her. A couple of people did know my pattern and then I got all sheepish and wanted to crawl under my chair 😉 But I will go again and try not to be so nervous.

    Aven – that’s exactly it! New social situation that has existing members and what if I don’t fit in? 🙂 It was great to meet you too and I hope your wee one co-operates with you!

  6. You are so sweet and charming, getting sheepish, but honestly I do understand, and of course, Amy would have known about you, I think she must be a totally fabulous lady.

  7. 😀 The closest I’ve ever gotten is knitting through Bones with you!

    (unless you count fic… btw I’ve started another one of those…)

  8. I’ve been knitting for almost 8 years and still haven’t had the guts to check out a stitch n bitch. Good for you!

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