Pomatomus pride

The sound you hear is me collapsing with a sigh of relief.
(They’re done! They’re done!)

These are my finished Pomatomuses (Pomatomi?)

(Pomatomus socks, pattern free at Knitty by Cookie A., knit on 2.75 mm DPNs with Patons Kroy Socks, winter eclipse colourway)

This is the yarn that I had left:

(Excuse me, I have to lie down for a moment.)

This is how much of them most people will see, but I will know the truth that lies beneath the denim:

(Such modest toes from such hard labour)

Overall, I’m pleased with how these socks turned out, but boy howdy did the pattern challenge me. Additionally, by some strange twist of fate, I finished the 1st sock with about 3 yards of yarn to spare (a whole 3 yards! party!), but ran out of the 2nd ball halfway through the toe of the 2nd sock. (Those with size 11 feet – beware! Extra yarn is your friend!) I finished the toe with every little last scrap of yarn I had left. (For those curious – Yes, my gauge was the same on both socks, and yes, I stopped the foot pattern at the same place on both socks. I’m not sure what happened.)

Whee! And *phew* – a finished pair of socks just in time to count for my October “Sock a Month” Knitalong entry. What socks next, what socks next… 😉


  1. Congratulations! That subway ride must have done the trick. And also well done on using up every scrap of yarn — you meant to do that, right? 🙂

  2. Whoa, and shew and whew and all those terms. Good Knitting! I just about fainted when I saw what you had left. Yikes. But the socks! They are a definite YUM!

  3. Omigosh! Nothing like cutting it close on the yarn. They look like they were worth every bit of sweat and worry.

  4. Aven – it was definitely the subway trip that did it! Lots of knitting time there. And yeah, errr, I totally mean to use up all the yarn… *gulp*

    Marianne – phew! is right! I’m just glad it all turned out well 🙂

    Twig – The socks are completely worth it 🙂

  5. YEA!! and they look wonderful! I have heard about the challenge of this pattern – and look at you! You passed with flying colors 😉

  6. Those are amazing! But that’s kinda cutting it a bit close on the yarn. Hope they don’t need mending down the road. I have threatened more than once to do those socks.

  7. This is one of my favorite sock patterns. I have two more skeins in the stash earmarked for two more pairs for me! That sure was cutting it close with your yarn!

  8. Oh my – these are stunning!

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