Monthly Archives: October 2006


Thanksgiving weekend = food + knitting = awesome.This is why I love Fair Isle colour work: Because after just 4 days, I have 1 completed sleeve and 1/3 of the 2nd sleeve. I’m in love with the colours, too, I have to say. I’m glad I waited to add in another one. Of course, I […]

Thanksgiving Knitting

It’s Turkey weekend around these parts, and although I won’t be feasting for another couple of days, it’s never too late to lay in the holiday knitting plans, right? Behold the yarny goodness: This is the 2nd beginning on the first sleeve of my 2nd Philosopher’s Wool sweater. This one is using the “Colour Your […]


I wasn’t here in blog-land for the first ‘Socktoberfest’, but by gar I’m ready to stand and be counted for Socktoberfest 2006! The Lovely Lolly is hosting it once again, and I’m kicking it off for myself by starting on my very first pair of Pomatomus: I’m halfway through the first chart pattern on the […]