Monthly Archives: November 2006

Happiness is a Finished Fair Isle

(One front and two sleeves, sitting pretty) I do not, unfortunately, have FO pics to share, because while I did cut and complete the sweater this weekend, I also washed it while at my folks’ place, and it had not quite dried in time for me to take it back with me. But, I do […]

Friday Friday Friday

My family is half-American half-Canadian, so I will be heading off for my 2nd turkey weekend of the year as well as my father’s birthday. Ahhh, bi-national eating habits. Awesome. The Fair Isle sweater has been cast-off and is ready to be steeked and sewed, so it’s a good thing I’ll be able to pay […]

November Socks!

I just want to say a big “HELLOOOO!” to all the lovely commenters that stop by, because it always irks me that I can’t just email right back to anonymous commenters. I do read every wee comment even if it’s just one – thanks Sarah and Linda most recently! *waves* Anyhoo, for some Actual Knitting […]

It’s Friday already?

I think I need to go back and find out where all the time went this week. 😉 Some finished Ivy sweaters are starting to pop up over at the Ivy Knit-a-long, and they’re gorgeous. It’s so gratifying to see that people are having success with the pattern! I finished my 2nd one a month […]

Again with the Kool Aid

Not much to report on the knitting front, other than that I gave in and finally put some honesty into my WIP progress bars…adding the Baudelaires and a 4th WIP, the Ribbi Cardi I’m doing as a gift. I started it surreptitiously last week one evening and got through one ball of yarn. Here are […]

Who needs houseplants when you’ve got sock yarn?

There’s been some cheating going on. (Baudelaire, #1, in Fortissima Socka,and Jaywalkers, #1 and 2, in Kool-Aid yarn) I’m still on the Jaywalkers (and have even started #2!), but the Fair Isle sweater hasn’t seen much action in the past few days because I secretly decided to cast on for Baudelaire on Sunday night. I […]


Has anyone out there knitted the Widdershins socks? And have you managed to increase the stitches? Because a 54-sts-around sock on 2.0 mm needles sure ain’t fittin’ my foot, and it’s the only toe-up sock pattern I’ve encountered with an actual heel flap. I dyed some more Kool-Aid yarn with my mom this weekend. She […]

Who’s up for Sockto-november-fest?

Well, I didn’t cross all the sock frontiers I wanted to, but I think I did pretty well for my first Socktoberfest, all things considered. In the month of October, I *Completed my first pair of Pomatomus socks*Dyed my first hank of yarn with Kool-Aid*Started my first pair of Jaywalker socks (below) (Jaywalker sock #1, […]