Who’s up for Sockto-november-fest?

Well, I didn’t cross all the sock frontiers I wanted to, but I think I did pretty well for my first Socktoberfest, all things considered. In the month of October, I

*Completed my first pair of Pomatomus socks
*Dyed my first hank of yarn with Kool-Aid
*Started my first pair of Jaywalker socks (below)

(Jaywalker sock #1, with Kool-Aid-dyed yarn)

The sock is displayed on my ever-growing pile of sock yarn. I keep thinking if I display it out in the open, I’ll be more likely to knit with it. I do think this actually works, but the problem is I keep buying more. Hm. In any case, I love the way this Kool-Aid yarn is turning out and I want to do more. And of course, thank you Lolly for the Socktoberfest sock enthusiasum!

Other sock frontiers I would like to cross:
*Argyle socks
*Toe-up socks

It really is like the Yarn Harlot says – once you start knitting socks, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to stop. But if knitting socks is wrong, I don’t want to be right ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. KnittyOtter · ·

    Ooo I love your Kool-aid dyed yarn/socks. ๐Ÿ˜€ Very Nice! Was that your first time dyeing?

    I didn’t finish my socks. Still have one to go. I’m hoping it will be finished in November.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of sock yarn! I was just musing this morning about how if I keep my yarn out in the open I’m more likely to knit with it. But in my case that’s probably more just to justify the clutter!

  3. I am loving the koolaide yarn knitting up! I’ve not had a chance yet to knit mine and won’t until after the holidays, I really do love yours!
    I love knitting socks (which is a good thing considering I have so many to knit up) but have really only done top down on dpns, and honestly, until I get burned out (?!?!? like that’s going to happen) doing them this way I’ll most likely continue.
    I love the Jaywalkers pattern. I clicked on the photo for a closer view, your knitting is beautiful.

  4. Ha! I don’t want to be right either, in that case ๐Ÿ˜‰ The KoolAid socks are great!

    Socks are knit all the time around here… this month just is best for the name! I only finished one pair – and they were started back in July. It is not about quantity!

    Thank you so much for being a part of this!

  5. soooccckksss!!! Your socks rock!

    I’m 4 inches into my two at once, I will make it, I will finish…

    Where’s that shipment – I want to play with colours!!

  6. kelly – tell me about it! I really have got to try to curb my stashing ways, otherwise I’ll have problems ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do think having yarn in sight increases the likelihood of knitting with it, though, if for no other reason than guilt.

    marianne – thank you so much! I can’t wait to do more kool aid yarn. All my socks, too, have been top-down on DPNs, but it’s the allure of being able to use up all the sock yarn on a toe-up and have no leftovers, that’s interesting me. As long as I can do them with a flap heel!

    lady o – the shipment will arrive! have hope!

  7. Sarah at Advancing the Plot · ·

    Great yarn. Everytime I see kool aid dyed yarn I am so surprised at how interesting the colors come out. Go figure.

  8. Old Knitter · ·

    I have never dyed my own yarn….need to put it on my ‘must learn’ list. But, oh that list is getting so long.

  9. Anonymous · ·

    Really like the koolaid yarn, is a supersock blend or pure wool?
    I’m finally going to cast on some jaywalkers after procrastinating for ages, and then I’ll try some toe ups too, going to bookmark all your toe up links now!

  10. Jo – the yarn is the KnitPicks ‘Bare’ yarn in the fingering-weight superwash wool/nylon blend, so it’s meant for socks. I hear that superwash yarn soaks up the dye even better than the regular stuff!

  11. I did exactly the same for socktoberfest! Knitted a pair of jaywalkers, a pair of pomotamus, and then did a pair of toe ups (widdershins). They’re very straightforward to knit. You can probably just increase 4 stitches and divide it up between the “front” and “back” and it should work out. They’re superfun to knit being toe-up, and a very basic and nice pattern!! You’ll be able to figure out the heel when you get to it, it’s so easy! Maybe use a sock yarn with alittle heavier weight? I used Socks that Rock for the jaywalkers, and they seem alittle heavier weight than other sock yarns (such as opal etc..)

    Good luck on the widdershins, and the jaywalkers are GORGEOUS!

  12. Neat socks! I’m still new to knitting and never thought I would have the urge to actually knit socks – people wouldn’t see them as easily, they would get more worn and stinky, they take way more skill than I have to work those tiny needles…anyhoo…Now these socks with this yarn would definately knit. I think it’s the defiance of the color and stitches of not appearing vertical or horizontal like all other socks I’ve seen so far. Thanks for the sock knitting inspiration!

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