Has anyone out there knitted the Widdershins socks? And have you managed to increase the stitches? Because a 54-sts-around sock on 2.0 mm needles sure ain’t fittin’ my foot, and it’s the only toe-up sock pattern I’ve encountered with an actual heel flap.

I dyed some more Kool-Aid yarn with my mom this weekend. She did hers in even sections of red and purple, I tried some mixing and got a sort of harvest-mix of colours, with purple, orange, and purple-ish red.

Still plugging along on the Jaywalkers and the fair isle. Onwards for the rest of the weekend!


  1. I thought perhaps Kate A. at A Strikke had done the widdershins but I checked, looks like she’s not gotten to them yet.

    Looking forward to seeing more of the dyed yarn, the harvest mix colours sound beautiful to me, can hardly wait to see it.

  2. How about just using the good old 2.25mm? 56 stitches would most likely be enough…

  3. Crap…..what I meant…let’s see that would be what…2.75mm or US 2…..that definitely should work out, your feet don’t look to be *that* large.

  4. I completed the widdershins socks (plain version) back in early September and had to go up to a 3.0mm needle. They fit my foot well, but I have a narrowish foot. Try the larger needle size and see if that helps.

  5. Robin and Marianne – thanks for the needle size suggestion! I’d thought of that, but if I can manage to increase the stitch count that would make me more comfortable. Robin, it’s good to hear from someone who’s completed the pattern!

    Hopefully I’ll get that skein wound up soon and post pictures asap!

  6. The designer has instructions for adapting the heel to a different number of stitches on her blog: It still sounds complicated though!

    I thought of looking for that because I found Grumperina’s instructions for larger Jaywalker socks earlier today (at

    Good luck with them!

  7. Several people did this pattern for Socktoberfest… but I don’t remember the details!

    Good luck!

  8. You might compare Widdershins to Denise’s toe up pattern here:
    I used this pattern to make toe up socks with a heel flap. It’s totally cutomizable too.

  9. Gwyn – thank you so much for the link! I am already looking at it eagerly and wondering how to adapt it for fingering-weight yarn 😉

  10. Miriam Felton posted today (nov 7)a tutorial for a toe-up heel flap. Her blog is at:

  11. I did the widdershins, but with a much smaller yarn, so had to increase the number of stitches to 70 (i think – it was about 6 months ago). To adapt the pattern for the heel, I plucked the numbers from a top-down sock with a heel, and put them into the appropriate places in widdershins. Since it’s basically a top-down sock done in reverse, that worked out quite well.

    It took me a couple of scraps of paper, many scratches of the head, and a couple of glasses of merlot, but in the end, I managed to do it on the first try.

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