Who needs houseplants when you’ve got sock yarn?

There’s been some cheating going on.

(Baudelaire, #1, in Fortissima Socka,
and Jaywalkers, #1 and 2, in Kool-Aid yarn)

I’m still on the Jaywalkers (and have even started #2!), but the Fair Isle sweater hasn’t seen much action in the past few days because I secretly decided to cast on for Baudelaire on Sunday night. I haven’t even gone to add it to the WIP list on the sidebar, I’ve just been sort of quietly working away at it.

I tried the figure-8 cast on for it as the pattern sugests, and failed miserably, so hopefully #2 will do better on that score. But the lacy pattern is surprisingly easy to memorize, and I’m about a half-inch away from starting the gusset increases. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. My first toe-up sock!

The comments on my last post were extremely helpful! Gwyn directed me to Denise’s toe up sock pattern, which I think I may well try instead of the Widdershins pattern, and then Andrea linked to a Miram Felton toe-up tutorial which also looks worth a try. I have 2 pairs of Lorna’s Laces skeins waiting for a plain toe-up sock with a flap heel, and one of these may well be the lucky pattern. Failing that, I’ll see if I can modify the Baudelaire construction (as long as it works) for a stockinette sock.

In explanation of my post title – I’ve been photographing things against my pile of sock yarn (the pile hasn’t grown since the last post, thankfully), because that window has the best natural light in my house. I took the plants out of it over the summer because they were baking in the sun and heat, and a couple of months back I used it to photograph some sock yarn – the yarn never made it back to the stash, and I see no reason not to display it out in the open. And it is at least as colourful as the Christmas cactus blossoms 🙂


  1. Totally with you on the windowsill full of sock yarn! Pretty, pretty, pretty.
    I am so looking forward to seeing the Baudelaire finished, actually what I can see…they’re beautiful!

  2. You’ve turned into a sock maniac! The Baudelaires are so pretty but I’m not a toe up sock knitter. Now if you’d like to gift them to me. *laugh*

  3. Marianne – the sock yarn is so pretty there I can’t move it unless I knit it 😉 That’s my current goal, we’ll see how far I get with it.

    Twig – Thank you! I think I’ll hang on to these Baudelaires, but I’ll keep you posted 😉 And yeah, somehow the socks have just taken over. How did this happen?

  4. Not An Artist · ·

    A word of caution on leaving sock yarn on display in direct sunlight: the colour may fade where exposed to UV, resulting in patchy colours when you knit it up.

    But it does make a lovely display!

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