Again with the Kool Aid

Not much to report on the knitting front, other than that I gave in and finally put some honesty into my WIP progress bars…adding the Baudelaires and a 4th WIP, the Ribbi Cardi I’m doing as a gift. I started it surreptitiously last week one evening and got through one ball of yarn.

Here are some delicious pics of the Kool Aid yarn I dyed last weekend, finally wound up into a ball:

(KnitPicks ‘Bare’ superwash fingering weight yarn, dyed with Kool-Aid in
Strawberry, Grape, Grape-Cherry mix and Cherry-Orange mix.)

I just love the way this skein turned out, the colours are so warm and blend very nicely together. No plans yet for a particular sock pattern, but since the first skein is doing so well with the Jaywalkers, maybe that will just be my Kool Aid pattern of choice!

My copy of the Winter 2006 Interweave Knits finally arrived last week, and of course there are so many patterns to covet, and of course I dont’ need any more projects to think about. Still…The Equestrian Jacket, Pewter Coat, and Venezia Pullover are all frikkin’ gorgeous. I might even have to have a close look at the Cabernet Ribs sweater. But I don’t understand why anyone would make that Cable and Bobble Headband…Hmm… 😉

May the rest of your weekend be filled with knitting.


  1. I can’t wait until the new Knits is out in the stores — from the preview it looks like it’s a must buy.

    That yarn will make some gorgeous socks. I’ve only tried dying once. I may have to try again after having seen how well yours turned out.

  2. Rebecca in NYC · ·

    i saw my friend’s advance copy (her wwebsite ad is in it) and I am just dying to get a copy for myself.

    so, so, many nice things.

    and when i’m done spinning this fiber, i coming to you for dying help. that yarn is really lovely.

  3. Very very pretty! Yummy in fact.
    I was really taken with the Nantucket jacket…

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