It’s Friday already?

I think I need to go back and find out where all the time went this week. 😉

Some finished Ivy sweaters are starting to pop up over at the Ivy Knit-a-long, and they’re gorgeous. It’s so gratifying to see that people are having success with the pattern! I finished my 2nd one a month ago and I still have not posted an FO picture, I really need to do that. And is it wrong that, in the back of my head, I’m thinking of doing a 3rd one in black? Stop me before I go completely nuts…(oh, wait…nevermind)

I realized I haven’t actually reported much on the Fair Isle sweater, since starting the sleeves, so out came the camera.

(‘Colour Your Own’ Fair Isle pullover,
yarn and pattern from Philosopher’s Wool)

Another 6 inches or so (so close! and yet so far!) and I’ll be ready for cutting the armhole steeks and installing the collar. The main colour is dark raspberry, of which I have used almost 2 full skeins (will probably use another 1/4 skein or so), and the 7 others are teal, navy, dark maroon, light purple heather, dark purple heather, periwinkle blue, and light blue heather. I’d wanted to have this sweater done by the end of October. HAH. 😉

I have to admit that I’m not 100% sure how wide this sweater is right now. I know it will fit me, the question is just by how much. I am guessing it is in the range of 43-44 inches around at the chest, and I have a 37 inch bust so that should really be plenty. I know, I’ll go measure right now, I promise…But either way I’ll wear it just fine. I’ll be a gorgeous comfy floppy sweatshirt kind of sweater, which will be fine because I actually don’t have too many of those. And I LOVE the raspberry.

Other things keep getting in the way, of course. And unfortunately a fair isle sweater isn’t nearly as portable as, say, socks…

(Jaywalker socks, #1 and #2 – one foot shy of a complete pair)

(Baudelaire #1, missing about 5 inches of leg)

The Baudelaires have stalled a bit – I should have expected this, the glee over a new project only lasts for so long before it becomes just another WIP 😉 But I’m determined to finish something this weekend, be it the Jaywalkers or the Fair Isle. (Or both? Yeah, that’s probably a pipe dream, but a nice dream nonetheless.) Other projects await!


  1. Oh, definitely, Ivy in black, I’m swooning.
    The FI is just so yummy, absolutely are both pair of socksm, er, the Jaywalkers…and Baudelaire will soon be right? 😉
    I’m with you on just where did the time go anyway, I’ve not posted this week so you’re way ahead of me.
    Have a great weekend!
    Oh, and about that second Ivy…sure would love to see it…just saying..

  2. Ivy is a lovely thing and I have her and you to thank for introducing me to knitting blogs 🙂 My friend was showing me the Ivy pattern she is knitting, I followed the link to your blog and from there onwards to the whole world of blogs and podcasts. As a new knitter I am learning so much from you all and feeling so inspired to keep practising – scarfs for everyone this Christmas! Looking forward to the day that I feel brave enough to tackle Ivy.

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