November Socks!

I just want to say a big “HELLOOOO!” to all the lovely commenters that stop by, because it always irks me that I can’t just email right back to anonymous commenters. I do read every wee comment even if it’s just one – thanks Sarah and Linda most recently! *waves*

Anyhoo, for some Actual Knitting Content – I finished these in plenty of time to qualify for my November Socks-a-Month. Ta-da, my first Jaywalkers!

(Jaywalker sock pattern, in Knit Picks’ Bare fingering-weight,
dyed with Kool-Aid strawberry, grape, and ice blue,
knit on 2.75mm needles in the smaller size)

This size turned out just an idge too small for my feet, so this pair will be gifted, but that’s a-ok because I have another skein of Kool-Aid yarn patiently waiting to get knitted up. My good friend Kelly has been struggling with making the Jaywalkers just right and like her I think I might be in for some up-sizing to get them onto my feet comfortably. Y’all, I honestly didn’t think my feet were so much bigger than average, but like K I am finding myself constantly on the larger size of sock patterns, not just in length but in foot circumference as well.

I’m having that sort of Sunday morning when, despite all manner of chores and errands and bits of work that need to get done, all I want to do is surround myself with all possible knitting projects and indulge them. How could I say no to this face?

(Ribbi Cardi, fetching, Fair Isle, and socks, in various stages of existence.)

Happy Sunday!


  1. Anonymous · ·

    So the blog thing seems to be so much fun I’ve decided to join in and not be so anonymous.

    These socks are so lovely, the things that beginners dreams are made of!

  2. Check your mailbox this week (fingers crossed that it’s a speedy mail-sending week). I *finally* got to the post office (forgot that I’d need to fill out a customs form because it’s not just a letter) to mail off the KoolAid. Heh. I wonder if the post-office folks got funny looks on their faces when they saw the declaration: “Contents: KoolAid”. I just dyed some KnitPicks bare fingering using Berry Blue, Lemon Lime, and Lemonade, and I can’t wait to get a-knitting with it. Your socks inspire me.

  3. I too am a Toronto knitter and a UofT Alumna. Its great reading posts by someone in my own city with access to the same shops etc.

    I first made it to your blog from Knitty – there you are with a published pattern and your haven’t even been knitting for long! Very inspiring – as is your delicious pile of current projects!

  4. I’m just seriously loving your socks! I also like the way you listed the flavours…
    The jaywalkers pattern seems to be very popular with the koolaid dyed socks I’ve noticed. 🙂

  5. angie cox · ·

    That is a fabulous fair-isle.I love the colours of your sock yarn .

  6. At least the Jaywalkers are easy to upsize – you can just add one more stitch to each panel. I’m torn between that and just changing the needle size (I do knit quite tightly).

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next Kool-Aid experiment. I recently read that you can use Jello powder the same way, so I’m going to be on the lookout for interesting Jello colours. I’m more into blue and greens and so much Kool Aid is red and orange.

  7. Sylvie (France) · ·

    I just love your socks and the Fair Isle sweater! I’m wondering if I’ll be “brave” enough to knit one some day, lol.
    I am going to order yarn to knit Ivy, I’m so happy to have found your blog and the link to the KAL (I have subscribed!!).
    Hugs from France!

  8. Holly Burnham · ·

    Great JayWalker socks! Wonderful colors. I love seeing all the different flavors people do this sock in.

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