Monthly Archives: December 2006

Resolutions Ahoy

Yep, I am indeed going to be attempting Wendy’s Knit From Stash 2007 challenge. I know I don’t have the same unwieldy stashes that many of my betters have, but I do still have a stash nonetheless. It is big enough to keep me in knitted projects for many months at the very least, so […]

Fleece on Earth and Good Wool To All

(Unless you prefer cotton.) Yuk yuk yuk. I kill me. And don’t forget to sing every knitter’s favourite Christmas tune, “While Shepherds Washed Their Socks By Night.” (I should probably stop now before lightning strikes me 😉 ) (Post-Ivy-photoshoot funnin’ with me and the twin sister.) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂 Knitting To Stay […]

Proof that I do still knit things

Hey look, two Finished Objects! Just in time for the holiday season (for me, me, me! Yes there’s some gift knitting, too, don’t worry.) (Striped Hat and Scarf – Pattern and wool from Philosopher’s Wool. I did the hat in stockinette stitch instead of garter stitch.) I may just be sabotoging myself now by even […]

*tap tap* This thing on?

So, I went away for the weekend and then caught a nice sniffly cold, so that’s where I’ve been for the last week. And in my balloon-headed state it’s hard to work up the drive to knit, but at least I did manage to finish the Kool Aid socks a couple of days ago: (Pay […]

I am knitter hear me roar

Just ignore my bleary-morning-just-got-up-an-hour-ago expression in this photo and move on to the SWEATER! 😀 (Colour Your Own Fair Isle Pullover, yarn and pattern by Philosopher’s Wool: special raspberry (base), light blue heather, periwinkle, jade, navy, dark maroon, light purple heather, dark purple heather) I’m wearing this today in honour of the first daytime temperatures […]