Monthly Archives: January 2007

Saturday knitting tour

The good news is, I’m feeling better today – so much better that I’ve even had a shower and have already consumed some dry cereal. I might even try some dry white toast with a bit of honey later, it’s all very exciting. The bad news is that I’m better enough that I do actually […]

Where did that weekend go?

I have a few fun things to share from the weekend, but have unfortunately been laid out since about noon yesterday with what is either fierce food poisoning or some kind of stomach virus. Hopefully I will be closer to normal tomorrow or the next day. And you know, it’s all well and good to […]

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

Thursday means Grey’s Anatomy day (although for me it might as well be re-named The Alex and Addison show, because they’re the characters I’m most obsessed with at the moment 😉 ) which means I will get to have something to watch while I plonk myself down tonight and keep knitting on this: (la belle […]

"I sucked. Now I suck less."

I’m having one of those weeks where I have so many project ideas running through my head that I’m practically dizzy with just wanting to stay at home and knit all day. (It is a testament to my Fear of The Dissertation that I am actually dragging myself into campus and forcing myself to do […]

Monday Quickie

1. I have discovered that, after 3 machine washes, my Kool Aid socks still smell like Kool Aid. Who knows how long it will last, but damn, that’s cool. 2. Like most of the online knitting world, I am sure, I am gleeful that Cast-On now has a new episode up (I listen to podcasts […]

Sundays with the Knitting

My poor, neglected Ribbi Cardi has finally seen some action again this past week. After virtually ignoring it since the beginning of December I’ve been giving it my almost-full knitting attention since Tuesday or so and it’s paid off, putting me at about the halfway mark. I’ve completed the back and one full front piece […]

Book Review: Classic Knits

At the moment I have no fewer than 5 projects on my needles, in various stages of completion, so my start-itis is already running rampant. The last thing I need is something else to knit. Well, then on Monday a new book arrived on my doorstep – the first knitting book for me to review […]

In which I realize that I am a selfish knitter

[Edit]: My friend Kelly has just (JUST, like, this past week) started spinning with a drop-spindle and I’m sure there are many of you who know the ways of spinning who would be extremely capable of heading on over there and celebrating her first handspun and giving her tips. Wouldn’t you? *bats eyelashes* Although I […]


Sarah rightfully prodded me to show photos of my 2nd Ivy sweater, which I have not photographed for some reason, despite the fact that I’ve had it finished for about 3 months now. Poor darling, she’s probably feeling unloved. I’ve made a quick ‘FO’ post over here at the Ivy Knitalong, with Ivy #2 – […]

2006 Finished Objects – Year Roundup

Just so that I can have the final list in one place! Here’s the final tally for 2006. *Basic socks, With Fortissima Socka Colour self-striping yarn *Striped Hat and Scarf, yarn and Pattern from Philosopher’s Wool (FO pic) *Basic Socks, with Kool-Aid Yarn skein #2 *”Colour Your Own” Fair Isle pullover, yarn and pattern by […]