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Blogger has been gabbing for several days (possibly weeks) now about the New! And! Improved! Version of Blogger! And how we’re all supposed to switch over right now! Act now! So finally I did, only to receive a screen that said something along the lines of “Oh, but we didn’t mean YOU were supposed to have the new Blogger.” (Well, it said something more like “We’re sorry but your blog isn’t able to switch over yet. We don’t know why and you’ll just have to try again later.” Still. BAH.)

So, me and my old and antiquated and not-yet-new-and-improved version of Blogger are contemplating one of my yarny Christmas gifts, from my sister:

(4 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, colourway 201)

It’s a little more in the earth-tone area than what I’d normally purchase for myself, but the purple and blue jewel tones are just lovely. Provided that 4 skeins are enough, I think I will earmark these for Poppy. I’ll have to think of what other yarn to combine it with…but since this would technically still fall under the category of “buying yarn to complete a project with stash yarn”, I’m allowed to do that, right? (Look, 3 days into the new year and I’m already stretching the rules of Knit-From-Stash 😉 ) I won’t rush into this though, I’ll just let the yarn sit and I’ll contemplate the colours and what shade to make the bodice to go with the Silk Garden sleeves/shoulders.

Speaking of my sister, though, she has succumbed to the peer pressure and gone and gotten herself a blog: Under the Influence. Her most recent post there is a nice summary of our activities from Christmas through New Year’s, which handily saves me the trouble of doing the same thing. Feel free to go over and say hi, she’s nice!

(January socks – Fortissima self-striping yarn, 2.75 mm DPNs)

I finished these on New Year’s day, but the bulk of the knitting was done in 2006, so I’m adding these as the last of the 2006 FOs to the list at the sidebar. Heh. I wasn’t wild abou the colourway when I first started, but now that I’ve finished the socks it’s starting to grow on me. They look good with jeans, and I like the teal stripe quite a bit. Very wearable.

One last picture and then I’ll skeedaddle back to the New Year Decluttering – my (almost) finished first Baudelaire! 😉

(Baudelaire #1 – Fortissima Socka, 2.75 mm DPNs
Still life with Christmas cacti and Noro Silk Garden 😉 )

I started these socks back in November, got 2/3 of the way through Sock #1 and then promptly abandoned it for other things. I took it along on our brief New Year’s trip and finished it with the exception of the cast-off – the pattern calls for the sewn bind-off which I’ve never done before, therefore I have to go and look it up. So it’s just patiently waiting for that final step and then I’ll be sure to start up on Sock #2 before I take another 2 month hiatus on it 😉

Happy, Happy New Year, and many Happy Knitting Adventures await I am sure!


  1. Anonymous · ·

    BAH! indeed! I switched over and checked out a ‘new look’, as in updated the template but my buttons and some of my other links didn’t quite make the move (read didn’t at all) and being the idiot that I am I couldn’t figure out ‘how’ to put them there, plus I didn’t want to spend 4+ hours on it… :). Now see, I love the earth tone colours, the muted colours,mmmmm. Poppy is very pretty, and yes, that would fall under a ‘legal’ purchase.
    I’m off to visit with your sister now. See what kind of shenanigans you two got up to over the holidays.
    I’ve promised myself to post more often, heh.

  2. Anonymous · ·

    ps…..I LOVE those socks, the blue ones! not to mention the Baudelaires!

  3. Your Baudelaire sock is really nice – what yarn are you usuing? Love the Noro too1

  4. Anonymous · ·

    Oh Blogger sometimes it is so wonderful and sometimes so painful! I have always had the new version coming so late to the party but does that mean I can always log in and post easily…

    Baudelaire is bee-yoo-tiful.

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