Sarah rightfully prodded me to show photos of my 2nd Ivy sweater, which I have not photographed for some reason, despite the fact that I’ve had it finished for about 3 months now. Poor darling, she’s probably feeling unloved.

I’ve made a quick ‘FO’ post over here at the Ivy Knitalong, with Ivy #2 – I’m not ruling out a 3rd one sometime in the future, I’ve gotta say. But not yet. Lots to keep me busy in the meantime…like Baudelaire #2!

I managed to start the toe last night and got through 2 repeats of the lace pattern on the foot this afternoon while at coffee with friends. I’m looking forward to being able to wear them, there’s a real shortage of bright pink socks in my life.

Robin asked me about the yarn I was using for the Baudelaires. It’s Fortissima Socka, that I found at my LYS a few months back and snagged pretty much for the colour alone. Upon closer inspection of the ball band I discovered it is 60% superwash wool and 40% polyamide, which is a different material proportionality than I’ve used before (although strangely that is not the same proportion that is listed on the yarn link above. Hmm…). That probably explains why the yarn feels all smooth and shiny in my hands, heh. It’s not as soft as other sock yarns (like Knitpicks Essential or Austermann Step), but it does feel quite sturdy.

In other news, I’ve recently been approached by some nice folks at Random House books to do some blog reviews of their upcoming knitting books. Watch this space for more – I tells ya, the excitement never ends around this place.

And now I’ll stop with the insane amount of weekend blogging and head back to the last few gasps of weekend hours. Oh, Monday…


  1. Anonymous · ·

    My goodness! A wonderful amount of weekend blogging I’d say!
    I just went and looked at the lavender Ivy, stunning, absolutely stunning!

  2. Love the color of Ivy #2!

    How exciting about the reviews!

  3. Thanks for the sock yarn info! Your Twist cardi looks wonderful and fits you beautifully! Hope you survived your Monday…

  4. Anonymous · ·

    Go blogging go! Thanks for the photo of Ivy no.2, she is of course gorgeous 🙂

  5. Anonymous · ·

    Wow, I think I like your second Ivy even more than the first. Don’t you just love the Highland Silk? And having looked at some of the many contributions to the Ivy KAL, now I’m beginning to think that maybe it could work for my body shape. Thanks a lot Glenna – like I needed another project! 🙂

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