Sundays with the Knitting

My poor, neglected Ribbi Cardi has finally seen some action again this past week. After virtually ignoring it since the beginning of December I’ve been giving it my almost-full knitting attention since Tuesday or so and it’s paid off, putting me at about the halfway mark. I’ve completed the back and one full front piece and have started the 2nd front:

The contrast colour for the sleeves will be Bordeaux – I had originally planned to make the body with Bordeaux and use Fired Brick (red) for the sleeves, but then they arrived and I found there wasn’t a strong enough contrast between the two. So, the Fired Brick is still sitting there waiting for something else – I’m tempted (once I finish this and a few other things, ahahaha) to order some of the Ballerina shade and make myself a pink-and-red Ribbi Cardi. It could either be really really cutesy and cheezy or bright and sporty. Hm.

I can’t say much about this pattern that hasn’t already been said – it’s a relatively quick knit all things considered, not too difficult, and I’m sure it will be comfortable to wear. This one’s destined to be gifted, and it will be hard to part with. My only concern is that I anticipate there will be shrinkage – the blogosphere tells me that Swish (despite being superwash) shrinks in the row gauge. I’ve added a few inches in the length to accommodate this, but only time will tell if it’s enough! Fingers crossed…


  1. Lovely! Your knitting looks so even! Try as I might mine never seems that way.

  2. Looking good. Those colours look really nice together. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished item.

  3. Twig – Thank you! I’m not sure how I manage to keep tension, I think it must be hereditary because my mother and sister have always managed to knit evenly as well. (unless fate decides to intervene and laugh at us one day…)

    Moggle – Thank you, I’m really happy with these colours, too, it’s going to be so hard to part with the finished sweater. And I can’t wait to get it done.

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