Monday Quickie

1. I have discovered that, after 3 machine washes, my Kool Aid socks still smell like Kool Aid. Who knows how long it will last, but damn, that’s cool.

2. Like most of the online knitting world, I am sure, I am gleeful that Cast-On now has a new episode up (I listen to podcasts at the gym and while walking to and from campus), but here’s where I confess to you that my favourite podcast is actually Firefly Talk, and it’s been a month now since their last new episode. Yes, I am a television geek. Yes, I am a Firefly/Serenity fan (and will happily convert you in a heartbeat). Why so delayed, Firefly Talk?

(Go see the Bedlam Bards for their CD and their rendition of
“Big Damn Trilogy”, among other tunes,
which are just as lovely for knitting to as anything else)

Methinks I need to get more than 2 podcasts. 😉

One comment

  1. Anonymous · ·

    Looks like some catch-up here, the cardi is certainly coming right along, very pretty!
    I’ve wondered about the koolaid yarn, I’ve not knit with mine yet…

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