"I sucked. Now I suck less."

I’m having one of those weeks where I have so many project ideas running through my head that I’m practically dizzy with just wanting to stay at home and knit all day. (It is a testament to my Fear of The Dissertation that I am actually dragging myself into campus and forcing myself to do something that approximates actual work, instead of the knitting.) But at least I still have a portable project in my purse to keep me content at break time – I’m on to the first sleeve of the Ribbi Cardi, and that’s awesome. I just hope the dear sweater will forgive me for whipping through it at near-breakneck pace – I’m ready to finish it and move on to other things and finally indulge my start-itis on something new.

This morning I ran a few laps at the track (while listening to Cast-On) and mulled over all the T-shirts people wear. Some of them have slogans on them that have enough of a sarcastically competitive edge to genuinely annoy me (“Hurry up and lose, we have work to do!” or my new fave, “If I can’t win, then I don’t want to play” – written in faux-crayon children’s scrawl). A gal had one on that read: “MIP: I sucked. Now I suck less.”

At root that one’s got more than a little bit of sarcasm behind it, but then at least it is optimistic in the end – it’s more about improvement and self-worth than about Being Competitive All The Time. And that’s really not a bad attitude to bring to the knitting or any aspect of life, really. Because my first scarf and hat? They kind of sucked. But now, my knitting sucks less. đŸ˜‰

This post has been brought to you by the letters P (for “procrastination,” and “photo-less post”) and C (for “chocolate”, always ready in times of need). May your yarn not be far from you today.


  1. Anonymous · ·

    I liked your pattern at Knitty. It’s nice to get an update on your life from this blog. Say hi to Martha for me!


  2. Anonymous · ·

    I have the same slightly dizzy feeling – there is so much knitting running through my brain at the moment that I fear I may a blow a circuit soon! The Ribbi cardi is looking fab.

  3. Anonymous · ·

    I’m so with you on the so called clever and witty crap seen on t-shirts nowadays….but I do kind of like that ‘I suck less’ business.

  4. Anonymous · ·

    I empathise with the battle between the desire to procrastinate and the fear of not working! And yet it is the fear which makes the moments of knitting actually snatched all the sweeter. I bet if you could really knit all day, a lot of the time you would want to do something else.

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