Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

Thursday means Grey’s Anatomy day (although for me it might as well be re-named The Alex and Addison show, because they’re the characters I’m most obsessed with at the moment 😉 ) which means I will get to have something to watch while I plonk myself down tonight and keep knitting on this:

(la belle Ribbi Cardi)

I’m only 1/3 finished the first sleeve, and quite honestly I had hoped that by now I would already have started the second sleeve, but things have been flagging a bit the last few days. Didn’t get much knitting in on Tuesday night and last night I was enticed away from it by Other Knitting, so there we are. My ultimate goal is to have all the knitting on this (if perhaps not the assembly) finished by the end of this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m still in love with the colour, still sad to have to see it go at the end, and still anxious curious about how the slight Swish shrinkage will go down. Further bulletins as events occur.

In more exciting news, my friend Kelly is coming to visit me this weekend to hang out and do some quality knit-geeking. I’m so gleeful. We’ll go eat some awesome food and I think a mini-yarn-store-crawl is called for, for Romni Wools and Lettuce Knit. We are both attempting to knit from our stash, though, so we have made promises to keep each other “on the wagon” but for some very specific purchases that we have identified as needs-not-wants. (Needles.) Heh. We’ll see how that goes down, too, I am sure.

And finally, it looks as though my participation in Sock-A-Month-2 has come to an end. January is the last month and I realized I fulfilled my January duty back at New Year’s with my Fortissima self-striping socks, so voila! I am finished. I don’t think I’ll be signing up for Sock-A-Month-3, but damn if there’s a Sweater-A-Month knitalong then put me down for that because my knit list is just overwhelmed with sweaters right now. I’m hoping to finish at least one or two in the forseeable future. But knitting at least one pair of socks each month since August has really given me some good sock training, and pushed me into double digits – I’m at 10 pairs now – so I’m grateful for that participation.

Happy Thursday! May your yarn not be far from you today…


  1. Anonymous · ·

    I just caught up on Grey’s Anatomy last night- Alex and Addison- intersting. George- So sad.

  2. Anonymous · ·

    I’m a Grey’s junkie also, I recorded it last night so will watch it today, I cried like a baby when George’s dad died, and Christine…the dead dad club…I had to agree with her, as I am also a member…and that thing with Alex and Addison has been coming down the pike for a while, eh?
    I’ve been in a knit slump, perhaps the powering through the holiday knits, who knows.
    I am SO excited for you and Kelly, what a fabulous weekend you have to look forward to! let me think here, I know, I can ‘ask’ each of you to knit me something…your choice…and that will allow you off the wagon, eh? Or rather, I can ask each of you to knit something…your choice again, but it will be for yourselves….just trying to make it a legit fall.
    Whatever happens, jumping off the wagon or not, have a great weekend you two, make.good.time!
    (I know you will)

  3. Anonymous · ·

    Hope you have a really happy knitting weekend.

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