Firsts for February

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February has arrived (eek! my deadlines!) along with the beginning of Project Spectrum. I wasn’t in blog-land during the beginning of this enterprise in 2006, but I’m excited to be here for Take #2. The idea behind it is to get knitters/crafters to focus on different parts of the colour wheel, and to incorporate different colours into their projects (or not.)

February and March are dedicated to Blue, Grey, and White. I don’t currently have a blue, grey or white project on the needles – or at least I didn’t think I did, until I remembered my poor wee Patons Kroy ‘Winter Eclipse’ sock that I started a few weeks ago on a whim and then put down again.

(Potential Project Spectrum subjects.)

I hauled it out and did a few rows on it before bed last night. Do you know what the singular joy of knitting with Patons Kroy is? Well, maybe you do. It’s the fact that Kroy is plump enough that you can knit it on 3.0mm needles. I underestimated the increase in speed that happens when you go from 64 sts on 2.75mm to 60 sts on 3.0mm. Woo hoo! I might actually finish these socks just as a side project! Plus, knitting from my stash, bonus there.

The February Project Spectrum also makes me feel a little reassured and possibly even vindicated for not having finished The Woman in White yet, which was the January selection over at Knit the Classics. (It may be a Victorian gothic potboiler but it is also 700 pages long. I feel some slack-cutting is deserved.) So I am making the bold move of allowing myself to slot that reading into a Project Spectrum project, in the thematic sense.

Me, this morning: “The groundhogs call for an early spring.”
My sister (singsongy): “I don’t believe them.”
Me: “Neither do I.”

In Groundhog Day news, apparently Wiarton Willie calls for an early spring, as does Punxsutawney Phil, although given the way the wind has been blowing through Ontario these days, I’m still holding out some skepticism. And besides, the longer winter lasts, the longer I get to wear my sweaters and socks. πŸ˜‰


  1. I enjoyed reading about Groundhog Day in your links. One of my other interests is weather, and I am a member of an online weather forum. There are pretty much as many opinions about what the weather will do as there are members, and the actual weather seems not to be correlated to any of the factors they so carefully track. I think woodchucks and groundhogs is as likely to be right as anything else!

  2. Phil had better be right! I’m sooooo ready for summer.

  3. Phew for Project Spectrum rescuing the lovely socks from their resting.

    So clever of you to save The Woman in White too! Have you read The Moonstone? I found that one more gripping but I love both.

  4. knitbert – thank you! Groundhog Day is one of those bizarre North American comemorative days that we’re not sure where it came from but it gives us all lots of interest when it does show up πŸ˜‰ I believe that there are lots of different opinions about the weather patterns, though!

    twig – I have to admit I don’t mind it if spring takes its time, I feel like winter just got here! And these woolies in my closet need a bit more wear. But I will cross my fingers for your neck of the woods πŸ˜‰

    sarah – I’ve not read the Moonstone but am enjoying the Woman in White so far, I just have to keep at it. It’s horrible how much knitting has pushed reading for pleasure out of the way in my hobbies!

  5. I’m actually with you on the weather, I’ve been enjoying getting to wear sweaters, hats, etc.
    Isn’t it odd, what a difference 4 stitches can make…..

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