Yesterday, there was some of this:


I’m not gonna lie. There may also have been some tears and some language I’m not proud of. After three years of knitting, some time in the last two weeks the gauge fairy has finally started to come around and kick me in the shins. This never used to happen to me. My only explanation is that I have been vastly underestimating my Thesis Anxiety. The result is that, the above (currently still camera-shy) project now has to be re-knit for a third time. Please allow me some mourning.

As I take a moment to grieve and gather my wits, I will return to knitting on this:

(My harmless Patons Kroy socks.)

…and I will cling to the belief that surely plain stockinette socks can’t hurt me. My world is all askew.

In other news, after Wool-Tyme frakked up my order for Cash Iroha, and my LYS seems to have every colour of that yarn except the one I want, I am considering putting Poppy plans on hold in favour of the Kitchen Sink sweater. Because I could probably start that today (if I wanted) just by pulling out oddballs and leftovers from my stash. Also, I bet that sweater would be damn fun.

May your Thursday bring you a minimum of knitting-related disasters.


  1. My condolences. I hate frogging — especially multiple times for one project.

  2. Thanks, Twig!
    I’m going to spend a couple of days on hopefully non-stressful projects and go back to the third try with a clear(er) head…Oh, knitting.

  3. Oh dear, frogging is not nice 😦
    Hope it starts working out soon.
    (still looking forward to the FO pic of the ribby cardi)

  4. Hope the non-stressful projects are doing their job. Love the colour of the ripped yarn though and I’m sure it’ll be great in the end.

  5. Oh dear, maybe a nice candlelit bath with essential oils is called for! Warning – do not take any knitting into the bath!

    That EBTKS sweater looks loads of fun to knit. Maybe you could try out some project spectrum colours on it? Or just random colours from the stash would be good too. I’d like it with a V neck, though, but I expect that would not be difficult to do.

  6. Moggle – thanks for the sympathy, and yes I do want to post the ribby FO, just as soon as I find its buttonsa and get it off to the recipient! I am falling behind on my FO duties…

    Sarah – So far the socks are being kind to me 😉 Plain stockinette usually soothes me.

    Knitbert – I definitely see candlelit baths in my future! (sans knitting) And I definitely also see an EBTKS sweater – I bet you could easily modify it for a v-neck, or even a cardigan. I went stash-diving and found I have enough oddballs and leftovers to be getting on with it, so now I just have to get my other loose ends orgnanized and away I go!

  7. Oh Glenna, I’ve really been out of it, and I’m loving catching up on your posts, that snow!!! and the stitchmarkers are beautiful (I’ve actually been making some today), but YIKES when I saw that first photo of frogged yarn, groan!
    Yes, definitely socks can be soothing.
    Go for the candlelit bath with the oils…

  8. Marianne – Aw, thank you! I appreciate the sympathy 😉 This week I will just keep on trucking and cast on again – maybe for the same project, maybe something new! Glad you’re still around in blogland and doing well 😉

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