There is no actual knitting in this post…

…or at least, no knitting of mine.

First, check out Knitbert’s finished Ivy! Hm, maybe I need one in pink, too…

Now, check out my mom’s latest FOs:

(Two Devans – Austermann step and Regia Silk (blue/grey), and Austermann Step and Lang Jawoll (grey/brown), complete and ready to be gifted)

I mentioned in passing that I could post pics of them on my blog, and now I think she might hurt me if I didn’t. Anyhoo, now that mom knows about Knitty, she’s being going off and knitting a batch of the kids’ patterns for gifts (I think she did at least one each of Trellis and Daisy, as well). She said the Devans took her longer because she had to go off and find the matching section of the Austermann Step repeat to make the cardigan halves match. I mentioned that maybe she could have just made them asymmetrical and interesting looking, but clearly I was misinformed by that idea. 😉

Anyhow – who wouldn’t love a grown-up size of these, I ask you? Cuteness squared.

And lastly, check out this feathery guy, who was very cheerful yesterday during the temporary melt:

He’s probably not chirping so much today, though – or at least I wasn’t, since the cold has returned and it took all my willpower just to exit my bed this morning.

I’ve got knitting going – have started the “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” sweater and loving it. I’m 5 inches into the ribbing and am going to wait until I’m at least finished the ribbing before posting a photo. At this point I haven’t even used all of the colours yet, it’s pretty neat.

Happy almost-weekend!


  1. Anonymous · ·

    Those are very nice cardigans – can you tell your mom that I like them? I think I saw the green one at Christmas time, but not the blue. Very attractive. so can we email you pictures of our knitting and will be featured on your blog? How much do you charge?

    Happy weekend. What a relief that it’s here.

  2. Anonymous · ·

    oh that anonymous was from me 🙂 oops!


  3. Happy Knitting Weekend to you too, the ladies of your family are clearly all talented knitters. Perhaps you’ll persuade your Mum to have a blog too?

  4. I love those two little Devan cardis! and yes, I want a big one to fit me!
    (what’s DGB yarn?, I know, exposing my ignorance but I’ve been thinking of all the socks yarns and coming up nada).
    Looking forward to seeing progress on the EBTKS sweater! What a great idea.

    Love the bird photo!

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