It’s Monday already?

I did manage to do one or two non-knitting things this weekend, including another foray into baking – this time, my first attempt at chocolate eclairs. I just keep thinking about the eclairs we used to get at a bakery in the neighbourhood where I grew up…These aren’t quite the same, but they’ll do:


While searching online for recipes I was also shocked and amazed at the number of recipes that tell you to use Cool Whip in the filling. Ugh. ::shudder:: Anyway, I used this pastry recipe and this frosting recipe and used regular whipped cream for the filling. The choux pastry was surprisingly easy, and after that it was just a matter of getting out the mixer to whip things. I think this may actually have been easier than baking cookies.

I also put in more effort on the Kitchen Sink sweater, and have started the back portion of the raglan decreases:

(Everything But the Kitchen Sink sweater, zipping along at lightning speed)

Once I finish the body I think I will pause on this and go back to my socks for a bit. I’m noticing that, even though I’m still keeping the colours pretty random, I do feel myself reaching for yarns in the same kinds of order – I tend to reach for the same purple yarn after a particular red yarn, that sort of thing – and I figure I’ll give myself a creative breather after doing so much so quickly.

Onwards to Monday…


  1. I’m really loving how your everything but the kitchen sink sweater is coming along, eclairs look good too!

  2. The sweater is coming along great. I especially like the really wide ribbing.

  3. That’s really coming along quickly. Well done.

    I think I mentioned the Random Stripe generator to you before:

    It might help mix it up a bit. It’s fun to play with at the very least!

  4. Look at you go! Dudette, busy busy!
    We call those cream puffs here in the south…I make them too. It’s really amazing how easy they are to make, except beating in those eggs one at a time gets old (especially if doing a double recipe) easy to make but they really will ‘wow’ a crowd.

    Loving that sweater!

  5. Jo – thanks for the comment! I’m loving the EBTKS too, it’s very fun.

    Twig – thanks so much, I have to say I am also a big fan of the ribbing. It also means I don’t have to bother with waist shaping, so hey, one less step to worry about.

    Kelly – thanks! Maybe I will check out the stripe generator after all. Once the body’s done I’ll be able to sit and ruminate on it for a bit.

    Marianne – yep, it was quite a weekend around these parts. The eclairs really weren’t so bad at all to make! According to the lit I read, cream puffs are the same things just smaller. Apparently making them longer tubes is all you need to call them eclairs, go figure 😉

  6. Hiya

    I really love your EBTKS so far. I like how your colours are working together.

    I cast on for my very own Ivy last night and have done 11 rows so far. Every finished version I’ve seen looks just wonderful!

  7. Stephannie · ·

    I love that sweater! I have a bag of oddballs waiting to become my EBTKS and I’m trying really hard not to start another project.

    I only have about 10 colours–I guess I need to collect more first.

  8. Cool Whip for Eclairs – I think not! Usually cream puffs have the Cool Whip/sugar mixture filling but eclairs have the pudding filling and are topped with chocolate. Looking at your picture made me hungry!

    I love the ribby cardi. The idea of the button band is enticing me to make one. I have held off because of the zipper and well, I don’t sew. I might have to borrow your idea.

  9. Glenna C · ·

    Thanks, Kim! The button band was definitely a success for me. And I also recommend a Cool-Whip-free eclair! 😉

    Moggle – thanks so much! i hope Ivy works out well for you, be sure and show us pics.

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