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(Knit the Classics picks) I finished The Blind Assassin today at lunch – in the end I quite enjoyed it, although I may have to go back for a bit of a re-read. Is it just me or do some of the final plot reveals come out of flaming nowhere? Most of it I was […]

Lost Objects

I think, had it not been for Project Spectrum encouraging me to notice colour in my daily life, I would not have stopped to notice a few other things – or perhaps I would have noticed, but I might not have felt as compelled to take photographic evidence. (Did anyone see me with my camera? […]

Oh to be in New York

I still can’t believe I live in the same freakin’ city as the Yarn Harlot and have never actually met her. One of these days, maybe… Anyhow, y’all have read today’s post by Kay at Mason-Dixon, right? If not, go and read! She has fantastic photos (and accompanying lyrics) from Part 1 of the ‘Represent’ […]

Soon, my pretties.

Soon. (This is a Poppy-in-waiting.) Soon… (This is a pair of Clessidra socks. Pre-assembly.) Soon, my pretties. I can only resist yarn for so long. PS – I am insanely green with envy to hear about what’s going to happen today when the Yarn Harlot takes Manhattan. Come on NY knitters, show the muggles we […]

Knitting on the brain

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my finished EBTKS! It’s such a fun sweater. Everyone could make them. A couple of you were well-meaning enough to comment on how nice it must be to use up all my leftovers! Well, yes and no. I did use a lot of yarn in […]


HOO-RAY!(Pardon the bleary morning expression…) Et le-voila, c’est fini… Pattern: Everything But the Kitchen Sink sweater, from the book Yarnplay, by Lisa Shobhana Mason. In true ‘kitchen sink’ fashion, the body and each sleeve are different. My only modifications were to add an inch of ribbing and another inch on the body (adding 2 inches […]

Fridays are for Finishing

I did it, I did it, hoo-ray…The EBTKS sweater now has 2 sleeves and a body. Now, just to do some seaming and a collar and that baby will be finished! I’m hoping the sizing will come out all right in the end, here’s crossing the fingers. In other news, since I commented last week […]

New pastures

So, I was knitting a sock with some Apple Laine Apple Pie yarn, which is gorgeous and silky and lovely, and was even well into the 2nd sock before I decided to just rip the sucker. I was trying a stranded colourwork pattern and while the Apple Pie stuff is beautiful, it’s a wee bit […]

Some is better than none

This is the current progress shot of my EBTKS: (Sleeve #2.) I’m very excited about it.Well all right, I admit I’m hitting that wall of project ennui – it’s 80% done, can’t it just finish itself? But I shall persevere, and I’ll be able to devote more knitting time in the next couple of days, […]

Beware the bar codes

In my quest to get my head together I’ve been trying to schedule a good amount of work time in my carrell at the main library here on campus. This works really well if I have knitting or other things to bait myself – If I get in [x amount of time/work] before lunch I […]