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Yesterday, I finally gifted my supervisor with her Ribbi Cardi – she loved it and was totally flattered. But hey, I figure a PhD supervisor who signs on for 4+ years deserves something a little more than a wee scarf or hat, right? She did warn me though, that when the rest of my committee sees it, they will start wanting sweaters, too. Hm.

Ribby Cardi

(Finished Ribby Cardi, KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Bordeaux (arms) and Wisteria (body), 4.5mm needles)

As you can see, I made a buttonband instead of using the zipper – given the Swish shrinkage issues, I didn’t want to risk Horrible Bad Shrinkage combined with Zipper Installation Which Could Potentially Go Screwy. And it worked. Buttons matched perfectly. My supervisor kept saying how soft the yarn felt and asked if it was cotton, and I said, “Nope, it’s wool! And you can even put it in the washing machine!” and she said, “NO! Really?” So, metal note. Superwash wool = positive knitted gift experience. I’ll definitely be knitting one of these for myself eventually, since the Fired Brick I originally ordered for the body turned out not so suitable and I still have it sitting around – it didn’t contrast enough with the Bordeaux. I’m thinkin’ red-and-pink Ribbi for me, just to be bright and girly. (My supervisor declined a photo while wearing hers, insisting wrongly that she is not photogenic. I wonder, does anyone actually think themselves photogenic?)

The Swish Superwash does shrink up as predicted – and really, KnitPicks is NOT doing themselves any favours by not advertising this. When I finished knitting and assembling, the length was 23.5″, and after washing and drying, the length was 21″. The sleeves, somehow, did not shrink up as much – I think this might be a property of the ribbed fabric vs. the stockinette fabric. Stockinette seems to dry and shrink up faster, as I noted on the, oh, four times or so I removed it from the dryer to check progress. For this pattern, if I do make it again with Swish, I’ll not only add length to the body, but add more rows in the raglan sleeve cap/armhole shaping to guard against shrinkage there. I think most of the shrinkage did happen in the body, but hey, just to be on the safe side. (I have the feeling that the Swish is also going to pill like a mo’fo’, but hey, so does every other yarn KnitPicks makes, so no real surprises there.)

[Edited to Add]: A pic from knit night last night of Aven and her wee guy. He had no toys and I had sympathy, so I offered my scarf with the waggly tassly ends, and that seemed to suffice for at least two seconds. After last night I started wondering if well-meaning fellow knitters should include a soft baby toy in their knitting bag, for just such emergencies.

(Et voila le cute.)

So yes, I plucked up my courage again and went to Lettuce Knit for knit night for the third time ever – the first chair available that I found was right by the door, so I sat there the whole time as if ready for a clean getaway in case of terminal shyness. But no, it was all fine, and the ladies I chatted with were lovely, and there was one woman next to me who was there for the first time and so that was reassuring to me. And Elizabeth, who I’d met before, started showing me this hand-dyed limited-edition laceweight and sock yarn and almost had me convinced to plunk down $50 on yarn before I left – but I persevered and did not purchase. I’ll see how the perseverance lasts if I go next week!


  1. Wow that looks great! I love the colour contrast.

    I really like contrasting raglan sleeves. Do you fancy designing a figure-hugging, figure-flattering low scoop or v-neck with raglan sleeves? I’ll buy the pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really like the look of a button band instead of a zipper. I need to make myself another Ribby (I love it but made a bad choice of yarn) and while I like zippers, I’m not really enthused about putting them in.

  3. Thanks again for the picture — but I have to defend my honour as a mother! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He *did* have toys — he just wanted to play with yarn, instead. The really expensive stuff, of course. So your scarf was perfect as a distraction — yarn he was allowed to touch!

  4. Glenna C · ·

    Aven – you are so right, I forgot that you did indeed have toys for him! No aspersion-casting intended. And I can only imagine what it must be like to sit in a yarn shop and not get to touch any of it! Oh the horror…

    Twig – thanks, I definitely like the buttons, too, I think I’ll do my Ribby like that too.

    Moggle – thank you! And hmm, what an interesting suggestion! A raglan pullover, maybe even something in DK. I’ll have to think on it!

  5. Marianne · ·

    I am so happy (and proud) that you went back to the knitnight! You’d best believe if I lived anywhere near I’d go with you.
    What a beautiful baby boy! hmmmm, and already obsessed with the woolly goodness of yarn, I wonder what great things we’ll be seeing from this young man.
    Glenna, the Ribby…now I want one, although I’d probably not make the sleeves ribbed..(nothing like taking a design apart,eh? slaps own hand)….but I love the body design…yep, another one makes it on ‘the list’…thank you so much. And…seriously, how incredibly sweet and fabulous are you to knit it up and gift it!
    Thanks for the shrinkage info on the yarn!

  6. Ooh i really like it. I like the buttons too – not a big fan of zips on knits. EBTKS is looking fab too – and I’m trying to ignore the fab looking eclairs which I had always assumed would be super difficult to make.

  7. Glenna C · ·

    Thanks, Marianne! Maybe after one more time I’ll have my trepidation licked. And the Ribby is, as may be expected, all kinds of awesome. I am chomping at the bit to knit one for myself!

    Sarah – the eclairs really are not that hard, just so long as you have a hand mixer to do all that cream-whipping for you! And I am loving the EBTKS, hopefully I’ll have the sleeves done in no time.

  8. […] But lest ye think knitting content has forsaken this blog, I can report that I finally caved and cast on something new today. It’s the start of another Ribby Cardi, for me and with the faint hope of making it to the Rhinebeck wool festival in late October. Heh. It’s Swish Superwash from Knit Picks in the colourway ‘fired brick’, a brilliantly cheerful red which will be joined by sleeves knit in – wait for it – ballerina pink. I will surely not get lost in a crowd wearing this, right? All the more reason to bring it to Rhinebeck, so’s I don’t get lost from my partner in crime. And I’m all prepped to add length and various mods thanks to using this yarn the last time around. […]

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