My feet are wet

And have been since I left the house this morning – albeit I left a little more late and slow than I should have. But can you blame me? The Yarn Harlot’s post today pretty much sums up the state of our fair city today. Slush slush and more slush and puddles the size of Texas. We had an insta-blizzard yesterday, followed by a huge melt this morning, and now there’s ankle-deep water and slush all over the place. In a lot of spots it’s easier to walk on the road – except for where the road is completely covered over by miniature lakes and ice-floes, of course.

On the other hand, I’m glad I brought my camera with me. Some of it was darned near pretty:

(A blue sky reflected)

Where the water was able to reach the sewers, it was running fast in rivulets down the pavement.

(The sun came out for a while, too.)

It’s going to freeze again tonight, so heaven help my walk to the grocery store tomorrow. I’m going to pray REALLY hard for a huge gust of wind to come along and dry up all the wet patches. And for the second Friday night in a row, I have a date with a really addictive sweater:

(EBTKS, completed if crumpled body and the beginning of one sleeve. And my copy of Brideshead Revisited, which I’m now 2 days late on finishing for Knit the Classics – another weekend project.)

Happy weekend! May you not be frozen or in danger of being drowned in slush.


  1. Love all the colours – can’t wait to see the finished sweater.

  2. Knit and fall back in it · ·

    Marianne mentioned your sweater in her blog and I just had to come see it. Beautiful colors.

  3. Marianne · ·

    That sweater is SO pretty!
    Love the outdoor photos, I spotted the blue sky in the puddle right off. Hopefully you won’t need your ice skates to get to the market today!
    Take great care.
    (I hope Amy scrolled down to the Ribbi Cardi and saw that too…)

  4. Glenna C · ·

    Thank you asa! Combining all the colours has been so much fun. Only trouble is I’ll still have half-oddballs sitting around instead of full-oddballs 😉

    Knit and Fall – thanks so much! I can’t wait to have it finished.

    Marianne – thank you! And even if the weather made for horrible conditions underfoot, it was really unique to see such a bright sky yesterday.

  5. Ah, yes, it turns out that we got the slush too! Just a day later.

    And congrats on finishing the Ribbi Cardi – I know that one was on the go for a while.

  6. Looks like good weather for staying in and knitting to me :o)

    Lovely photos.

  7. I really love the photos that you shared, they’re so beautiful – but I sure hope that all these puddles of water will be gone soon!
    What an awesome sweater you’re having in the works right now – looking forward to seeing more of it!

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