Some is better than none

This is the current progress shot of my EBTKS:

(Sleeve #2.)

I’m very excited about it.
Well all right, I admit I’m hitting that wall of project ennui – it’s 80% done, can’t it just finish itself? But I shall persevere, and I’ll be able to devote more knitting time in the next couple of days, and then the weekend will help. And I do still have the Poppy sweater to think about while there’s still a shred of hope of being able to knit more sweaters while the weather is cold. (I think I heard tell of a late spring following our late winter weather arrival, so perhaps there is still hope.) Also, I need a new project to liven up this blog – I see now that this is the downside of limiting my projects! Less blog fodder.

In other news, (for the two people who haven’t seen it yet) the new Knitty is up, and I am drooling over the Clessidra pattern! There are some other fun sock patterns – give it up for BMP, would ya? Come on, space invaders socks. That’s pretty frikkin’ brilliant. I give this issue two thumbs up.

I’m not looking forward to my work, but at least the weekend will be here soon, so that is a win. Happy Thursday!


  1. duchessnyc · ·

    i’m going to search for yarn for the socks this weekend. want, want, want! btw, its rebecca, i’m building my blogger knitting account 😉

  2. I want the Clessidra socks too! As nice as the Regia Silk is, I think I’ll opt for some KnitPicks sock yarn for them. I have a hard time with $40 knee socks!

    I’m at the same point on N’s sweater as you are with yours, so I feel your pain. At least yours is coming along a lot faster than his. I think we have lots of sweater weather left, unfortunately!

  3. It’s “Ribena” and “Isabella” for me though the “BMP”s rock. (I’m a first timer to your blog – saw the title at Knitbert’s and thought: “My god, that’s a description of me.”)

  4. Glenna C · ·

    Hi Rebecca! Definitely tell me how it goes, I am trying to resist ANOTHER sock yarn purchase until I knit a few more 😉

    Kelly – you’re so right, Knitpicks would be on the cheap. Maybe that Gloss stuff would be a good sub…hmmm…
    Sweater solidarity! Keep it up, I will try to plug away at mine this weekend!

    Fiona – thanks for the visit! Lots of good stuff in this Knitty issue I think. I’m more drawn to it than I was to the last one. And I definitely think Knitting to Stay Sane is a fitting mantra for a lot of knitters.

  5. Marianne · ·

    I swooned big time when I saw those Clessidra socks! and my first thought was Knitpicks Gloss, I know, they’re handwash but goodness, they’d knit up so pretty!

    Keep going at the sweater, and I’m with you, I think at that point it should be able to knit itself!
    Have a good weekend!

  6. Marianne · ·

    oops, I also fell hard for the Queen of Cups socks…pretty lace…

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