New pastures

So, I was knitting a sock with some Apple Laine Apple Pie yarn, which is gorgeous and silky and lovely, and was even well into the 2nd sock before I decided to just rip the sucker. I was trying a stranded colourwork pattern and while the Apple Pie stuff is beautiful, it’s a wee bit plump and has a bit of a halo on it, so I don’t think it’s ideal for stranded work. I considered just casting right on for a simple stockinette basic sock, but have decided just to let it sit and think for a bit – along with some pink Knit Picks Essential that is recovering from a past rip.

(Sock yarn – It’s sort of like coffee table art, right?)

And in any case, letting that sock project go means that I have a spot free on my still-only-2-projects-long WIP list, which was just fine with me. Since the beginning of January I’ve had oodles of new project and design ideas and hadn’t allowed myself to indulge them due to the lengthy WIP list, etc. Well, the time for indulging has finally come.

(A pile of purple Andean Silk)

Right now it looks like a bunch of weird purple tubes, but I dearly hope and pray promise it will turn into something fantabulous.

All of this is to distract you from the fact that I have no EBTKS progress shot because it would be laughable. I’m still not quite done the ribbing on the second sleeve. But with the internet as my witness, I will not make another blog post until I have finished that darned second sleeve. Now, if only I could do something about this whole, “it’s Monday again” thing, that’d be awesome…


  1. Oh if I swore not to make another blog post until I finished the first sleeve of Rogue, you’d never hear from me again it seems. Thankfully life seems to be settling down right now and maybe I can get some knitting done.

  2. Marianne · ·

    Balls of sock yarn=table art? YOU BET! love it.
    Hmmmmm. Weird purple tubes, I’m on the edge of my seat, Glenna. I can hardly wait to see what that brilliant mind of yours has dreamed up this time.

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