Fridays are for Finishing

I did it, I did it, hoo-ray…The EBTKS sweater now has 2 sleeves and a body. Now, just to do some seaming and a collar and that baby will be finished!

I’m hoping the sizing will come out all right in the end, here’s crossing the fingers.

In other news, since I commented last week about loving the Clessidra sock pattern so much, I noticed that my blog was getting hits from people google-searching for “Clessidra knitalong”. And there wasn’t one. And, darnit all, I wouldn’t mind a Clessidra knitalong either! So I decided to start one. We’ve got 4 people so far and I’m sure there will be more. I won’t be able to start the socks for another week or two at least, but I’m very happy to live vicariously through others! Go on and tell your friends, Knitalongs are all about the-more-the-merrier 😉

On Tuesday I went and waited at the Passport office (for 2 hours, a mercifully short time compared to the 5+ hours people were dealing with not too long ago – thank you, new US border regs), and read a bit of The Blind Assassin for this month’s Knit the Classics selection. I also knitted another purple tube. It’s always amazing to me how many people don’t bring things with them to occupy their time while they wait. I think I was the only knitter in the room, but there were plenty of others waiting with books, newspapers, crossword puzzles, toys for the kids…why just stare off into space? Oh well.

Then on Wednesday I went to knit night at Lettuce Knit, and may finally be getting over my Irrational Shyness of knitting groups. I sat between David and Elizabeth, who are fabulous conversationalists. Elizabeth also had her niece and daughter with her since it was March Break, and they were learning how to purl. And, Elizabeth showed me the socks-on-2-circulars method! Woo hoo, new skills, baby!

Those are her hands in the photo, showing off my 1/2-inch of progress after fixing a mistake – I ended up with all the stitches on one needle, which I’m told is a common mistake. I’m not ready to totally give up all my DPNs yet, but I will definitely keep giving this a try. I just need a 2nd 2.5mm Addi so I won’t have to have permanent custody of Elizabeth’s.

AND, finally, I’m pleased to say I found out this morning that a pattern of mine will indeed be featured in a forthcoming issue of MagKnits. Hoo-ray! I think I’ll have a cup of tea to celebrate.


  1. clarabelle · ·

    It’s looking really good, Glenna, well done!

    I love the colour mix – can’t wait to see the finished article!

    I must ask though, not being all that au fait with multi-yarn knitting (being a mono-colour sort of person…): how do you deal with all the ends when you change yarn?

  2. Glenna C · ·

    Hi Clarabelle – thank you! I can’t wait to finish either.
    Good question – I have actually been weaving in all the ends as I go. I learned this technique from the Philosopher’s Wool site (, where they have a free vid clip showing you 2-stranded technique. It’s the style I always use now when I change strands of yarn! Oie, I can’t imagine weaving all those hundreds of ends in one go after finishing… 😉

  3. clarabelle · ·

    Thanks for the link, Glenna – I will certainly check it out! I’ve learnt so many new knitting techniques over the past few months from the net, you wouldn’t believe it….

  4. Marianne · ·

    I’m guessing you’ll keep us on the edges of our collective seats as to the purple tubes AND the pattern of yours to be in Magknits? CONGRATULATIONS!
    Well, you should know, I am patient, and loyal…sooner or later I know you’ll give it up.
    EBTKS! I am so looking forward to seeing it all finished up!
    Ohhh, Clessidra…I will knit them, but it won’t be for quite a while…maybe a couple of months even, but they are such beauties! I’ll be stopping in and seeing them on the KAL site.
    So glad you had a good time at the knitnight and that you’re getting over your shyness, I so understand.
    I read The Blind Assassin this past winter, a very interesting read I will say that.

  5. Glenna C · ·

    Marianne – THANK YOU! 🙂
    And you’re right, I will be keeping mum on those things for the moment. But all will be revealed – I hope not to dissapoint 😉
    The Blind Assassin is proving very readable. I like the short chapters, it keeps me turning the pages.

    Clarabelle – you’re right, the blogosphere has so much to offer! I’ve learned a great deal from being here, too.

  6. Michelle · ·

    I just picked up Cat Bordhi’s book on knitting socks with two circs… I’m looking forward to trying it out! Your start looks great. And congrats on getting in the new Magknits, I look forward to seeing your pattern!

  7. oohhh – love the sock pattern – but I must not buy more yarn (sniff even sock yarn) until the early summer [my stash should be much depeated by then though…]

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