Soon, my pretties.


(This is a Poppy-in-waiting.)


(This is a pair of Clessidra socks. Pre-assembly.)

Soon, my pretties. I can only resist yarn for so long.

PS – I am insanely green with envy to hear about what’s going to happen today when the Yarn Harlot takes Manhattan. Come on NY knitters, show the muggles we mean business.

PS #2 – Meg has an awesome finished Ivy and she even wrote down her mods to adjust sizing for her petite frame.

PS #3 – why isn’t it Friday yet?

PS #4 – (Which should have been #3 but I forgot until later) I have to say that this is my new favourite podcast. The ladies at Stash and Burn could not be lovelier, and I am sad they only have 8 podcasts so far. I think I’ve already gone through all of them, le sigh.

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  1. Marianne · ·

    Pretties indeed! That looks to be Noro in the top photo, but do share what’s the coral yarn?
    I’m with you on the insanely green with envy….it’s just soooo far away….the budget couldn’t see through to sending me there (huge laugh) RE: ps#3…I don’t know, ‘weeks’ can just be pesky like that, eh?

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