Oh to be in New York

I still can’t believe I live in the same freakin’ city as the Yarn Harlot and have never actually met her. One of these days, maybe…

Anyhow, y’all have read today’s post by Kay at Mason-Dixon, right? If not, go and read! She has fantastic photos (and accompanying lyrics) from Part 1 of the ‘Represent’ NYC tour launch.
Also, I just had to pass on this small piece of the story from a friend of mine – she lives in New York and left work early just to go see the Yarn Harlot’s speech at the Fashion Institute (where apparently 600+ knitters showed up to represent). Some on-the-ground education of non-knitters:

But the most amusing part of my day was when I told boss where I was going when I was leaving early. Now, my boss knows my obsession with knitting. And he sort of has prior experience b/c his stepsister knits. But leaving work at 3 to go see a knitter give a speech? WHATEV! So I told him to call his sister while i waited and tell her where I was going. He looked at me strangely, but humored me (I had pointy sticks in my hands!). And so he told her “ok, she’s going to see someone called the Yarn Harlot”. Well his sister (who lives in [a far away city]), screamed so loudly that boss had to quickly pull the phone away from his ear. Turns out she loves Steph and was pissed that she would be so far away. I just smiled at boss and went my merry way, having proved my point that this was something worth leaving work early.

More, more, more. I can’t wait to read more stories on the knitterly interwebs…

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  1. Marianne · ·

    I know, it’s all so amazing, the accounts out there…Kate A. has a great post up about it also, mostly written but well worth it. Astrikke…
    It’s a shame we couldn’t ALL be there…Glenna, you keep going to the wednesday night knit and I’m thinking you WILL meet Stephanie.

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