Lost Objects

I think, had it not been for Project Spectrum encouraging me to notice colour in my daily life, I would not have stopped to notice a few other things – or perhaps I would have noticed, but I might not have felt as compelled to take photographic evidence. (Did anyone see me with my camera? What must they have been thinking…)

My main form of transportation is walking, and even on my daily route through the same neighbourhoods, and in the same buildings on campus, new lost objects always seem to turn up. These aren’t usually handknits, but all the same, it is always clear that some person has taken the care and attention to notice someone’s dropped scarf, hat, or mitten, and display it by the wayside where it might be noticed and found again.

I always wonder if anyone ever reclaims these items. Does the owner realize where they dropped them? Do they just get blown into the gutter and trampled into oblivion? Often I look again the next day and the same objects aren’t there anymore.

I wonder how many hats or mittens a city collects like this over the course of a winter. Do some of them reappear in the spring when the snow melts? Hm. Fleeting curiosities.


  1. Marianne · ·

    How very interesting…and very cool of someone to pick these items up and put them on ‘display’, but I do wonder, in that kind of cold, seems to me you’d ‘notice’ when you come up missing a hat, scarf, glove, and/or mitten.

  2. larissa · ·

    I love these pictures. The second to last one especially.

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